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How to Pack for a Trip with a Carry On Suitcase

Hello my lovelies, this post is being uploaded as I'm on my way to Chicago- the land of deep dish pizza (the best kind IMO), the bean, and the founding spot for house music. My first blog post that I ever did was a travel post about Chicago, so I'm excited to revisit the city in the summer and with a new perspective, so stay tuned for a travel guide that will come out next week. 

For today's post I'll be writing about what to pack for a trip in just a carry on suitcase. There are so many benefits to not checking luggage... no extra fees, no chance of loosing your luggage, no line ups, and not having to wait for it once you exit the plane. With a carry on luggage, it's one less thing that you have to think of, it speeds up your time both coming and leaving the airport and once you pack with just a carry on, you'll wonder why you ever needed something larger. 

Here are some tips and tricks that I've amassed over the years of carry on luggage life (including beach trips, ski trips, city trips and 3 weeks in Germany).

Plan Ahead
Know what you're doing, where you're going, what the weather is like and what your favourite/comfiest clothes are. Don't throw a bunch of stuff into your suitcase without thinking about it first. I know everyone likes to think "I'll take this justtt in case" but I can guarantee you that you won't end up wearing the majority of those pieces- you'll stick with the same stuff that you wear when you're at home. How many days/nights will you be travelling and how many outfits do you need? Remember- you don't need a different outfit every day, you can wear the same thing multiple times and you won't be a fashion faux-pas.

Functional Pieces
Classic colours and pieces that you can mix and match together that will allow for you to take your outfits from day to night, inside to outside and warm to cold and what will allow you to pack lighter. Shoes that you can wear that won't give you blisters, dresses are a two-for-one (also super easy to dress up/down) and you can never go wrong with some skinny jeans (assuming that it's not super hot)

Extra Room
Although it might be tempting to fill up your suitcase all the way to the brim, always keep extra room in case you buy something (which is always for me when I go on vacation). A tip that I try to do is to bring something that I want to throw out, wear it and then throw it out during the trip. This gives me more room and forces me to look into what I own and what is past it's due date. Whenever I travel I try to pack ahead of time (I'm not one of those psycho paths who waits until the last minute) because I will continually decrease the amount of clothes that I have because I can use logic to realize what I'll actually use vs. what I think I'll use.

Decant Liquids
One of the worst parts, actually the only bad part about carry on luggage, is the liquid limit. Everything has to be less than 100ml which is brutal if you love beauty as much as I do. In this case, decant your larger liquids into smaller bottles, or if you have any small sample products, bring them with you on your trip. This does stop you from buying any full size products while on your trip, but as a result, it does mean that you're not increasing the weight of your bag for your liquids.

Wear your Heaviest Clothes to the Airport
This not only includes shoes (wear your sneakers in the summer and boots in the winter), but also your jeans and any sweaters or light jackets. I always bring a big scarf with me because airports/airplanes are cold afff and I really don't understand the people who wear heels/sandals/shorts (like wtf shorts?) on a plane.

There we have it, my tips for how to pack with just a carry on. Let me know your thoughts and if you think it's doable or if you're 100% a check in bag kinda gal. I'd much rather save the money/spend it on food and drinks.

See you next time kiddos (+/- a few pounds)

xx Diana
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  1. Sound like a great plan!