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Ways to use your Daily Commute to your Advantage

 Ah yes, commuting to work. Walk, bike, planes, trains, and automobiles, you name it, we all somehow have to get to work (unless you work from home then nvm, this post isn't for you). It's so easy to just sit there and zone out, listen to music, or fall asleep. However doing that every day is a tiny bit of a waste of time, so we might as well seize the day (at least the commute) and make it work to our advantage. Here are some ways that you can do that!

Ways to Use your Daily Commute to your Advantage

Podcasts are such an amazing tool to use, there are so many and they can get really addicting. From ones about beauty, to Ted Talks, to My Favourite Murder (warning, very addictive but also nauseating, so don't binge on them because your mind will be warped for a few days afterwards), you can find anything that suites your fancy. It'll allow you the benefit of learning without all of the effort of reading. 

Crack open that book that you've been meaning to read for months and actually read it. I find that reading really makes my commute zoom by, sometimes not even wanting to get to my destination because I'd much rather keep reading. Fiction, non fiction or anything in between, it doesn’t matter. Currently I'm dabbling back into fiction (for the first time in years!) with a good old Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. 

Plan it Out
Write out to do lists, schedule in appointments, fill in your calendar with dates and reminders so that you're prepared and ahead of the game- birthdays, events, movies, dates, bbqs, whatever it is, write it in and plan it out so that you stop forgetting things 

This might be a bit personal to do but just don't start crying in the train and you'll be ok. Get down your thoughts and ideas as they come and go. I used to journal a lot more (NTS- get back on it) and I really enjoyed it, my thoughts could go wherever I wanted and I didn’t have to worry about what I said because no one would read it.

Phone Calls
You know how you always have to make a call? For appointments, companies, friends, family etc etc, well if you commute (especially if it's in the car or walking!) this is the perfect time to do it. By the time you finish your call you'll be home (or part of the way home) and boom that makes it a two for one. 

What do you guys do in order to have a productive commute in the mornings and evenings? Let me know down below in the comments!

Xx Diana
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