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Summer Beauty Updates

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! Now that spring is in full swing, summer will be coming by shortly which means beach hang outs, music festivals, picnics and patios. It also means bare legs, crop tops, bare backs and deep V necks. With that in mind, it's time to start getting summer ready, so keep reading about ways that you can get your skin and body ready for the hot hot heat.

Summer Beauty Updates

Rub off all of those old dead skin cells and reveal a smooth, glowing body. You can create a sugar/coconut oil scrub to use on your body, and then use something gentler for your face, such as a a chemical exfoliator like glycolic acid. You might have to exfoliate multiple days in a row to really get that soft glowing skin, and don't forget to do it on the regular, especially since you'll have sweat, chlorine, sand and sunscreen caked onto your skin.

Crazy as to how dry and ashy your body gets once you ignore it for the entirety of fall and summer. Now is the time to slather on that moisturizer, one of my favourite's is from The Body Shop- the body butter is great without being too thick or thin, it sinks in quickly and adds a light scent. They have a lot of different scents, although my favourite holy grail scent is olive- very light without conflicting with other scents on my body like perfume or hairspray. 

Self Tanner
Does anyone else get scared when they see how pale their legs are once they put on the first pair of shorts? That's when you gotta pull out the self tanner. There are so many different variations, lotions, mousse, gradual, overnight, in shower etc etc. Personally a prefer a gradual self tanner, although I'm not great at applying it every night (or on a somewhat regular basis) and I like the Vita Liberata gradual tanner (although some people question the 'gradual' aspect of it). The product gives me a good natural colour that I'm able to see the next morning without looking orange.

Protect your skin! After using both tanner and bronzer you don't need to tan (or burn!) to get golden so make sure that you put on sunscreen. Although moisturizer or even makeup with SPF is better than nothing, it's still not the same as a stand alone sunscreen. I highly recommend that you start adding in SPF into your skincare- especially now that summer is coming.

Even with self tanner, sometimes you might feel that you're missing a bit of glow- that's where bronzer comes into play. It's quick and easy to apply, you can get variations that are more matte or more sparkly/glowy and pile it on like no tomorrow. You can help to contour your face (and boobies) with the help of bronzer.

What do you guys think? What are some of your summer beauty needs? 
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