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Self Care on a Budget

Good morning everyone (afternoon, evening, mid-day etc), in today's day and age, everyone always talks about 'treat yo'self' and 'self-care Sunday', and I totally agree with all of that. But every time some talks about self care, it includes spa dates, massages, expensive face masks, brunches with wine and shopping dates. With that in mind, here are some tips and tricks for you to treat yourself, without breaking the bank.

I take self care as taking time out for yourself, no matter which way it is. Doing all of these expensive things are an easy way to treat yourself, but it doesn't necessarily have to come with an expensive cost. Keep reading below for my thoughts about how you can do self care on a budget.

Although a lot of time working out means going to studios, spin classes, pilates etc etc, and with that it means potentially commuting and paying $20+ for a class, but working out can be as simple as going for a long walk, a bike ride, or doing some at home yoga. That after workout high is where it's attt, and it'll help for you to have a great rest of the day.

Take a Bath
Some people don't like baths because they think it's gross to lay in a tub filled with hot water of sweat, dirt and dead skin cells. Those people are wrong, you don't need that negativity in your life. Although it's nice to fill up the tub with fancy soaps and oils, using natural products like oatmeal, yogurt and milk (can't confirm, I haven't tried any of these options), or you can even just take some of your body wash and through it in there so that you can get some bubbles. Add in a sugar scrub, shave, and some lotion, and you're golden. Either sit back and relax, you can also light some candles, watch netflix and/or drink wine.

Do your Nails
Like any woman, I love when I get my hands and feet done, but it does cost a pretty penny, so there's nothing wrong with doing it yourself. Getting your nails done is at a price point that it's so easy to do, and yet it can add up easily and you can do almost as good of a job at a tiny tiny fraction of the cost. Doing it after the bath will make you feel like a million bucks.

Clean your House
Probably not the best way to treat yourself, but after you're done you'll be happy that you did it. It helps when you have some good music on and when you're drinking some rosé. Ok while reading this over it seems pretty stupid, but it's really all about what you make it.

There we are, some tips and tricks to do your self care without breaking the bank.
Let me know your thoughts down below.

xx Diana

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