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Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog, today we're doing yet another new in post, this one has a combo of beauty, fashion and home decor. Somehow, every month there's always something new that I need to pick up. I'm not a super spendy person and yet I always have something that I need. I've linked the products down below, but there are some that I haven't been able to find the exact version of- sowwy fam. 

I've tried this out a few times, and although it's good and makes a difference in my skin, I don't see too much of a difference in comparison to The Ordinary Glycolic Acid or retinoid. If you're looking for light exfoliation then this is a great product for you- I didn't find any stinging, redness or burning sensation as a result, and I did have results the next morning. This is a great starting point for acid exfoliation.

I really like the smell of this one! I can't quite pinpoint what it is, but it reminds me of something from when I was younger- it's not necessarily fruity/floral/vanilla flavoured, just an overall pleasant scent that doesn't stay in your hair once it dries. It sprays nicely, however I found that when it dried in my hair, that it left a film on my hands while I was straightening my hair which I really didn't like, however, that could mean that it's protecting my hair. At $13 for the bottle (from Winners) this was more expensive than any other hair protectant sprays that I've used before, so I do hope that it's a good one!

Winners Beauty Box 
I bought this glass box from Winners with floral design so that I can store all of my beauty bits in it, I found that I didn't have a great way of culling everything so that it would be neat and organized. Sure, this isn't the most organized option available, but I'll take it. It also forces me to make sure that I have a small amount of products, instead of continually increasing the size and amount of products that I buy/use. As I got this from Winners, there's no way to link it, however there were 3 different sizes and a number of different patterns/colours.

IKEA Duvet and Covers
This post isn't anything too special however I'm so excited that I have a new duvet and covers (white obvi #basicblogger) and I really feel like it's a small step towards making my room exactly how I want it to be. I've never been one for interiors but I'm started to put in the time, money and effort for it and it's so true that it's well worth it. Now I want to look for a nice statement pillow. I'm thinking a pink fluffy one? If you guys have any recommendations for stores where I could find great pillows- let a girl know.

H&M Purse
I have one really large black purse from Primark that was perfect for carrying my laptop to work or for overnight stays because it was huge. However, there's only one strap that's mid length in size, so I found it painful to carry (especially when I have my laptop in). I stepped into H&M while carrying my Primark purse, and then subsequently found this H&M one which had both a short and long strap, so I promptly purchased this one, moved all of my stuff over from the old bag to the new one, and then asked the H&M cashier to throw out my old one lol. (Anyone else do that?)

The purse itself is kinda on the bucket bag style, just a really big bag where you can tighten the top of it, it comes with a small pouch to put some makeup or little knicks and knacks in. It's not the greatest bag, but it'll do for now. 

H&M Tights (not pictured... it's literally just a pair of tights!) lol
Working in a corporate job, I wear my fair share of skirts on the regular, so tights are a necessity once the colder weather sets in. It was recommended to me by one of my managers that the tights from H&M are really good and durable, and I 100% agree. At $8 for a box of 4, they will last you a fair while before ripping, their slightly thicker and they're a nice nude colour (not too light, not too dark either). I've bought these many times over the years and will continue to do so. 

PUMA Sports Bra

Can we take a second to praise Winners? I absolutely love winners and find that I can find really great stuff (peep above with the beauty box that I purchased). This sports bra is super cute and I love the fact that it has a high neck line. The back is a little bit on the lower side, but it has some straps in the middle to keep the two sides together, although I'm debating cutting this off because I'm not sure that I'm in love with that lewk.

I'm a huge advocate for sunscreen and I decided to venture out to purchase a mineral sunscreen instead of chemical (I recommend that you look into the differences, and I'll be writing up a blog post about this soon). This sunscreen doesn't have a lot of scent to it which I like, however, because it's a mineral sunscreen you really need to commit to it and rub that ish in. It leaves a bit of a white cast so I usually mix it in with my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (although this doesn’t decrease the amount of rubbing that you have to do). It leaves a slight white cast so I always make sure to follow up with a bronzer so that I can warm up my face. Once rubbed in, I don't find it to be sticky, tacky, greasy or any other negative side effects that usually come with sunscreen. I'm quite happy with this sunscreen and can see myself buying it again

There we have it, some of the new goodies that I've brought into my life so far. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and I'll see you next time. 

xx Diana
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