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How to get out of a Rut

Am I a blogger if I haven't wrote this post? It really is such a cliché blogger post, but for good reason. Everyone goes through highs and loves in terms of their life, creativity, productivity etc and when you're in a low point, you're just chillen and all you can think about is how much of a funk/rut/mess you're in while you're waiting for it to magically disappear. Sometimes it does; it'll take it's course and start to disappear, but sometimes you can't wait that long, especially if you're doing something creative or if your job depends on it. With that in mind, here are some ways that you can help to get yourself out of a funk-a-runk. 

Go Online

There's so much content online- instagram, youtube, pinterest, twitter, whatever you want, you can find it. Colours, quotes, thoughts, outfits, beauty, art, there's a world out there- you just have to find what speaks to you and what can help to motivate and inspire you.

Get Offline

Ok yes, the point above says to go online, but also there are times when you just get into a black hole and think that your content will never been as good as anyone else's, everyone's doing better than you and they're all cranking out new ideas and content left, right and centre. Sometimes it's great to leave your phone and computer at home and just spend the day offline, especially when it's with the company of friends and family, which takes me to my next point...

Be it with friends, family or strangers, having conversations with others- socializing can help for you to gather new thoughts and ideas as well as refresh you. Deep conversations, light conversations, jokes and everything in between- being around people will help for you to see things in a different light and get out of your head. I find that one of my downfalls is that I stay 'in my head' too much- and a lot of people are the same. 

Go for a Walk

There have actually been studies that show that walking does make you more creative- so it's true! Get that blood flowing, be it via a walk, bike ride, pilates class or yoga, it's good to get moving- especially seeing as we're so sedimentary during the day. It'll lighten your mood and you might be able to make new friends and think of new (fitness related?) ideas as well. If you're interested in the best ClassPass Studios in Toronto, check out this post that I wrote just recently about it!

Organize and Get Shit Done

I find that one of the reasons as to why I'm feeling in a rut is because my room is a mess, I have deadlines and papers and appointments and things that are piling up that "I should do" and yet I never make the time to actually do them. Set aside a few hours (or minutes) to start checking off your to-do list, one by one. If you need help, check out this post on how to have a productive Monday!

Hopefully some of these ideas will help for you to start feeling like yourself and on top of stuff!
What do you guys think, what recommendations do you have to help get out of a rut?

Thanks for stopping by!

xx Diana
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