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Common Sunscreen Mistakes

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Now that summer is coming I decided to write a post dedicated to sunscreen. I love sunscreen and I wear it all year round. Yes you heard me correctly, all year. It always surprises me as to how anti-sunscreen so many people are even though they're well aware that the sun causes burns, skin damage, cancer and premature skin wrinkling and yet they still continue to be out and about in the sun with little to no sun protection.

As someone who is very light and burns easily, I've learned to embrace the sunscreen and I have no shame in my game. Here are some common problems that people have with sunscreen that stops them from having the protection that they want and need. 

With that in mind keep reading below to learn about some common sunscreen mistakes!

Not Applying Enough
Do you know how much sunscreen you actually need to put on your hands and body? More than you think! The amount varies, I've seen between a nickel to a quarter size for the face- or between 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon. For the body, a standard shot glass amount is what I've been hearing. Make sure to rub it in fully and cover your entire body, don't forget the back of your hands, your feet, ears, back of your knees, and by the straps of your bikinis.

Not Reapplying
Putting on sunscreen is not a 'set it and forget it' type of thing. You need to reapply throughout the day- even if you're not doing anything, but especially if you're swimming or sweating. If you're in a hot place or even if you're just chillen outside or at a music festival, it's well worth it to reapply. Bring a mini bottle of sunscreen with you and just top it off a few times during the day.

You Rely on Makeup that Includes SPF
We've all been there- 'it's ok, my foundation/moisturizer/concealer etc has sunscreen in it'. Yes, but does it have enough of it? Referencing one of my previous points about not applying enough sunscreen, this one falls into the same category. Although it might be giving you some protection- it's not enough. You need your own stand alone sunscreen- no matter how oily you think it makes you.

You only use it when it's Summer
Summer, winter, fall, spring, cloudy, rainy, indoors, outdoors, New York, Guatemala, Tokyo or London, all day everyday, any time any place (ok maybe not when you're sleeping) but in general, sunscreen should be applied every.single. morning. Do I necessarily always do it? No- when I'm working from home and not leaving the house then I might not. But in general- yes… all the time. It's said that the amount of sun exposure that you get in a year is equivalent to laying out in the sun for an entire week. Slather up kiddo.

Forgetting about your Hands, Neck and Chest
Bring that puppy all the way down your body to include these three often overlooked parts. Although everyone focuses on their face, it's important to bring your skincare and sunscreen to these additional parts of your body. You don't want to have a 30 year old face but 60 year old neck. These three parts of the body are where you can really see a woman's age.

Hopefully this list will help for you guys to protect your skin, especially seeing as the hot summer heat is coming soon.

Stay tuned for a spin-off on this post about how to pick the right sunscreen for you.

Do you guys use sunscreen every day? If so, which one's your favourite brand?

Xx Diana
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