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What to Pick Up at the Sephora VIB Sale

Hi my friends, welcome back to the blog. In true beauty blogger (bb) style, I've rounded up some of my top picks and favourite Sephora items that you should pick up given the opportunity to save some cash money. If you're a VIB Insider, you save 15%, but if you're a Beauty Insider then you save 10%, not a huge amount, but I'll take what I can get- ya know? The dates run from April 20th- April 23rd, unless you're a VIB Rouge member, when you'll get an extra weekend as well (April 13th- April 16th).

Sephora VIB Sale

Peep below for the goods!

The most perfect glow and light coverage, what more can a girl ask for? They also have a few other variations, with SPF, illuminating and oil free, but the OG one is the way to go. I apply it with my hands which I find is the best way to go, but I've also used a kabuki brush, especially if I want more coverage in a certain area. 

OK this stuff is worth the hype, it really does do a fantastic job of covering up spots and discolouration. I use it for both my under eyes and any pimples that have popped up. You only need a little bit of the product (seriously a tiny bit) and I either use my finger and tap it onto stubborn spots, or I pop a kabuki brush into there to do a more general rub over my skin. Applying too much will cake on your skin, but that's the same as with any concealer or foundation. 

Such an amazing serum, I'm excited to pick it up once I have the chance to do so! I'm not the biggest fan of the texture, but the changes that it gives to your skin and the smell are honestly amazing. It's a product that's been hyped up by a number of people, and for good reason- it helps to brighten the skin, reduce the appearance of scars and dark spots, and can help with acne as well. Caudalie has great products and I've tried out a number of them, so this company is one of my favs.

Replica Perfume

Any perfume really, they all smell amazing but they're on the pricier side of things. My OG is Jazz Club, it's a men's scent but it's delicious, more on the muskier side of things which is how I like my perfumes ( I don't want to smell like I fell into a rose bush). I do want a lighter one for summer now that it's coming up, but this is perfect for the fall/winter months. 

Sephora has started carrying The Ordinary a few months ago, however seeing as I live in Toronto and work in Financial District, I just go to the store directly. None the less, I love the Ordinary... a lot. I've tested out a fair number of products (peep out my best and worst product reviews post right here) and am always changing up what to get from them. These three products are curated ones that I've tried and have great results from. I've also tried their lactic acid, three variations of vitamin c, squalene oil, niacinimide, salicylic acid, the buffet and probably a few more. These three products are the ones that I'd keep buying. Although I like the vitamin c product that I'm using now from them, I am interested in trying out the one form Ole Hendriksen which I heard is fantastic. Who knows, maybe I'll actually pick it up during the sale? 

If you read other beauty reviews, their list is huge- but I'm not going to recommend something that I don't use or don't actually care about.
Let me know in the comments what you're planning to pick up, and any recommendations that you might have!

xx Diana
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