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How to Have a Productive Monday

Hello friends, welcome back to the blog, I hope you're all doing well! Today I've decided to write about productivity.. we always talk about it and we're always striving to be more productive... but how? I find that I tend to have ebbs and flows with productivity, sometimes I’m on top of the world, doing every I need to do and more before the crack of dawn whereas other times I feel like a lump on a log. So when I’m feeling like a lumpy log, here are some hacks that I like to incorporate into my day to be sure that I’m one productive mf.

How to Have a Productive Monday

Keep reading below and make sure you let me know what you do to have a productive Monday morning so that you can start your week off right.

Write a List

Everyone says this, and for good reason- having a list can help to make you super productive. BUT- the trick is that your list can't be long, 3-5 items tops. Ask yourself, when today is done, what do I want to have completed. When I would write lists, it would keep going and going and going... to the point where I couldn't even finish anything because I couldn't concentrate on one task when there were 23 other ones screaming at me from the list. Keep it simple and concise.

Start with the Most Annoying Task

We all have them.... annoying little tasks that are annoying for no specific reason- we just absolutely dread doing them even though its a small and simple task. Just do it. Bite the bullet and do it. Don't worry, while I'm writing this there about 2/3 things that I've been procrastinating on and know that I should finish.. and I will. Which brings me to my next tip...

One Annoying Task Per Day

This is a simple concept but it can really help for you to be more productive. Have someone that you've been meaning to call for a while? An email that justtt keeps being pushed aside? Bills to pay or some small research to do? Do one of those today so that you're always working towards getting it done. Who knows, once you finish your one annoying task of the day and realize that it's not so bad, you might just keep going and checking them off your list- left, right and centre. By the end of the work week, that’s 5 annoying things done (if not more!)

Have a Good Morning

Don't snooze your alarm, don't lay in bed for another 30 minutes- scrolling through instagram, don't skip breakfast... take the time to have a good sleep, wake up early, get ready, get to work on time, and have breakfast. That will help for you to start your day and your week off in a good mood instead of being late and rushed to everything. I hate when I’m frazzled because my morning was rough, I don’t want to be that person in the office.

Have a Good Night

Before you can have a good morning, make sure that you also have a good night! Go to bed on time, relax, rejuvenate yourself, make sure that you have a rough idea what you want to wear in the morning, prepare your breakfast and lunch, get your bag packed, wash your dishes, do a face mask and have a nice bath. All those things that will help for you to have a stress-free night, and a stress-free morning to follow. Waiting until the morning is a lie and will only make things worse.

My last tip is:

Get your Sweat on

I enjoy working out, and there are tons of people who aren't in the same boat as me. Regardless as to which team you're on, it's important to start your week on the right foot. I find that as I start to procrastinate working out, it's easy to just not do it. The more I work out, the easier it is to keep working out.

If you follow these steps, they'll allow you to hopefully start the day off in a good mood and keep it going from there.

Let me know what other tips and tricks you guys have

xx Diana
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