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Refinding Motivation for your New Years Resolutions

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog! Today we're going to be talking about New Years Resolutions... in March. Yup, you heard right. Once Christmas finishes everyone jumps onto New Years Resolutions which isn't a bad thing and it's hard not to get excited for it and talk about it when everyone else around you is planning their resolutions. 

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In the case that your motivation is starting to dwindle down and your pinterest board is getting pushed to the back of your mind until Jan 1st 2019 comes back around, here are some ways for you to jump back on the horse so that you can reach your goals. 

Revisit your Original Resolutions
Did you write it down somewhere or just make a mental note of it? Do you remember all of them or just a few? Think back to why you decided to choose them and whether or not they were actual goals that you had or rather goals that are so common that it was easy to gravitate towards them... loosing weight, drinking more water, saving money, getting organized etc... Now that you've had a few months to 'work on your goals', hone in on what goals you actually want to work towards. Even if it's just one goal- that's one goal that you can work towards.

Write it Out
Writing it out comes in many different shapes and forms, it could be writing it out on post it notes and putting it by your mirror and doors or in front of your computer, writing it out in your desk calendar, in your phone, in your bullet journal etc. For myself, I found the most helpful thing is to have a bullet journal with a monthly calendar in it so that I can tick off how often I do one of my goals (in this case workout and post a blog post). I can tell you 100% that I'm much more consistent with working out as a direct result of this. Another way that I keep myself accountable is by using my moleskine agenda that I carry with me everywhereeeee- there I can write down my day to day stuff whereas my long term goals and planning are all in my bullet journal.

Divide it into Small Measurable Goals
If your goal is like mine and you want to get a peach booty with a tiny waist, you can't go to the gym twice and then expect to look like Alexis Ren. You have to go consistently to the gym, multiple times a week for a number of weeks/months before you have her body. Looking at the amount of time and effort that needs to be put into this goal makes it so easy for you to not work on it, but don't be like that. Instead, what can you do today to be one step closer to your goal? Good things don't come easy so you can either work for it or have excuses, take your pick.

Find Ways to Hold Yourself Accountable 
Does this mean that you're going to buy yourself new running shoes if you work out at least 3x a week for a month? Once you finally get that job promotion will you go on that fancy European vacation? Find something that works for you so that you can use it to motivate yourself. Thankfully I find that I can motivate myself but that's not the case for everyone. The best advice that I found was that if you're going to buy/treat yourself for hitting a goal, make sure that the 'treat' will help for you to continue working on your original goal. For example, if your goal is to cook more, buy yourself new cookware so that you can continue to cookware, even after your original goal has been completed.

Do It
One of my pet peeves is those people who talk about change and want change,,, and then don't do anything. You know that friend who wants to loose weight and then still eats McDonalds, doesn't work out and drinks every weekend? The person who wants to save money and somehow justifies every expenditure? Every article of clothing, mani/pedi, sephora haul, breakfast lunch, and dinner. Those people annoy me. It's quite simple, as my baby boy said, your actions speak louder than words. I can give you all the tips and tricks possible, but it's up to you to actually do the work.

You can either have excuses or results

What recommendations do you guys have for revisiting your resolutions?

Thanks for stopping by!

xx Diana
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