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International Woman's Day

Today marks International Women's Day, something that's always widely celebrated in Europe, but has started to gain more popularity in the last few years across North America and the world. As a young millennial feminist, I love what this day represents and the importance that it has for women, young and old.

Nothing says International Women's Day quite like flowers.. right?
*not my photo*
For today's blog post I decided to shout out some of my favourite bloggers, youtubers and instagrammers that I find give me inspiration, make me laugh, and are all around cool gals.

A Scottish beauty guru who is hilarious and does amazing looks and she has the BEST weekly vlogs- so funny and such high quality. Every Sunday I look forward to watching her videos because they’re edited so wonderfully. Hands down my favourite!

One of the funniest youtubers that I love who doesn't take life too seriously and makes me laugh when I watch her videos. Based out of Vancouver with her adorable cat Meryl, she does a lot of beauty videos but also puts out vlogs and fashion content as well.

Also a vancouverite (who I found out about via Jamie) and is so sassy and down to earth, I really trust her recommendations and she went to school to become a makeup artist and can get very technical with her information.

Beauty guru based out of Montreal who uploads consistently and has AMAZING content. As someone who's still in school, she's able to put out amazing original content and she collabs with Allana sometimes and it's pure gold #JAMALANA

Brighton based Anna (who just renovated her bathroom and it looks incredible) seems like the most down to earth person ever who has beauty, lifestyle and fashion content. 

A lifestyle YouTuber based out of London who works frequently with Anna and wrote a book that's being launched today! The book, titled 'The F Word' looks at female friendships, how they change, evolve and are an important part of our lives. She purposely chose to have the book launch today (genius) because of the correlation between her book topic and the date.

The majority of the women collabed with each other at some point which is so amazing because I found out about them because of the collabs.

Do you guys have any favourite content creaters/influencers/youtubers/grammers etc etc etc that you recommend? Let me know in the thoughts below and I hope you all have an incredible March 8th 

Xx Diana
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