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How to get Spring Break Ready FAST

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog! In the spirit of March/reading week/spring break, I decided to put together a quick 'to-do' list so that you can get spring break ready realll quick.

Whether you're going to Florida, Mexico or just your backyard (assuming the weather is sunny), stripping down your clothes makes you realize that you've been neglecting your body... how it looks and feels might be more on the pillsbury doughboy side, and not a VS model. If that's the case (which it totally is), then keep reading about how to get spring break ready.

So Christmas came around, and then New Years, and then Valentine's Day, andddd you still don't have that bikini body from your New Year's goal and your time is limited. You won't be able to make massive changes, but do what you can. To start; watch what you eat so that you're not bloated, decrease your salt intact and increase that water #stayhydratedfam
Increase your veggies and take out anything that might cause inflammation... gluten, processed sugar, alcohol- this is personal to each person but it's important to know what might react badly to your body.. especially when you only have a short period of time before you're gonna be on the beach.

Looking a little pasty? Don't worry, me too fam. Self tanner is your friend, either doing a gradual tan that you put on every night, fast acting self tanner at home, or having it done professionally, there are a number of ways for you to get that glow depending on time and money. Before you get into self tanner, you have to exfoliate and moisturize that skin like no tomorrow so that you're soft and glowing- you don't want to be an iguana.

For body you can use any type of physical exfoliator, even make your own sugar scrub, but for your face make sure that you're going a bit more gentle. My personal preference is The Body Shop's Vitamin C liquid peel which is an OG for me, I've repurchased it a few times and will continue to buy it because it's so effective and yet so gentle. I also use it on my bikini line and the soles of my feet so that I can get an extra exfoliation that's super easy and quick.

Make sure to also get your nails did, and get shellac/gel in the case that you're worried about chipped nails. I find that sunscreen makes my nail polish wear down realll quick so gel might be the ideal in this case, even though I'm not a fan of it because I find that it ruins my nails.

Time to dig out those bathing suits, sandals and shorts from last year. Are they worn? Too big? Too small? No longer trendy? You might have to do some quick shopping to be prepared for you trip. Make sure to get versatile pieces, especially if you're like me and like to travel with only a carry on so you don't have to check anything in. I'd recommend shopping online, just make sure that you have enough time for shipping (and any potential delay) and that you double check reviews and sizing.

If you're looking for good cheap bikinis, zaful has a lot but be warned... cheap is the emphasis here.

And there we have it, some of my tips and tricks for those of you don't have a lot of time to get spring break ready.
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