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Best ClassPass Studios in Toronto

Hi friends, thanks for coming back to my blog! Today I'll be discussing the best ClassPass studios in Toronto. From barre, to spin to reformer pilates, I've done a few classes and here are my thoughts on them. If you don't know what ClassPass is- it's an app where you pay a monthly fee (and choose what subscription you want) and then it allows you to visit different studios at a much cheaper price then going to individual studios.

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ClassPass Studios in Toronto

Barre 3
Barre3 was the first time that I took barre, back in April and I wanted to go back. The studio is bright and airy with a shower and toiletries that us ladies need. The class is intense, you really feel the burn and get the shakes and quakes really fast. You work up a sweat and I love how the moves are simple but effective. This class is a full hour long which I'm not the biggest fan of, and sometimes the class can get a bit tight because it's not necessarily big enough for everyone there. The change room doesn't have enough lockers for everyone so just be mindful of that. Otherwise, I love this class and can't wait to come back for more.

Purebarre, located in Queenwest was the second barre location that I visited. The class was 50 minutes long and the instructor came to introduce herself to me which was very kind. She knew everyone in the class and would consistently give positive affirmations.
The studio itself wasn't my favourite- the walls and carpet were a very generic beige colour, the lockers were small and there were no locks on it.
The class moved incredibly fast and a lot of times the instructor wasn't actually showing us the moves, just explaining them while walking around, so you really have to listen to what she's saying. I will mention that there were some very original moves that were included that burned the next day. In the middle of the class we stretched out before continuing the workout which I thought was strange. I went back another time and again, although it's a good workout, it's not my favourite and I don't see myself coming back here again for another barre class.

Studio Lagree
This class is my favourite. A short 50 minute class where you use the reformer machine (looks like a torture or sex machine). You increase/decrease the tension of the carriage (the slidy thing in the middle) and you do s l o w and controlled movements. It seriously burns and it's a great full body workout. I included it in my monthly favourites and I'm really close to buying classes for the studio because I like it that much, it's just expensive af. The changeroom is tiny so be prepared for a squeeze when you're coming/going from classes however it's conveniently located in King West.

The 6ix Spin Studio
Lights low, beats high is their motto. I love the fact that during the class the instructor (I had Adam.. HI Adam!) would turn off the lights so that you could concentrate on your ride and not worry about others next to you, especially if you're a little bit of a slower rider. The music changed a lot, ranging from 2013 pop, to The Greatest Showman music to intense house music. It might be a good or a bad thing depending on what kind of a person you are. I liked how at the end of the class he said for us to smile at our neighbour and congratulate them for a job well done :) (I love those types of classes). They have two showers to use and I like the products (not sure where they're from as the bottles were with logos from the studio). Overall a great place and I plan on coming back for more!

Rocket Cycle
This studio isn't actually on Class Pass but I figured that I would add it in because it is a great studio. It's the first time that I ever tried out a real spin class and I thought I was going to die ( to the point where the instructor stopped and came over to me and said to slow down). Small locker space but their bathrooms are amazing, such interior goals. I have gone back a few times since however I think that I'd pick 6ix Spin over RC (sorry).

I plan on keep using ClassPass so if you guys have any great recommendations for Toronto studios then please let me know down below in the comments! I hope to create a part 2 of this class once I try out more classes in the city.

xx Diana
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