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What I've Learned in my First Year of Blogging

Well, this is the second time that I'm writing this post, and I'm not surprised that everything would glitch and delete when I'm trying to do my final edits to it. Seeing as the topic is what I've learned in my first year of blogging, clearly save your work is one of them (although this had nothing to do with saving, it was just a system/computer glitch).

What I've Learned in my First Year of Blogging
Just keep going :)
None the less, here we are. One year after I originally posted my first post called Skin is In, I'd like to think that my writing, photography and bloggerness is better overall. I've learned about things called SEO and started using pinterest, so that pretty much makes me a profesh at it, right?

Keep reading below for my thoughts!

Get out of your Comfort Zone
"Here, snap a pic of me" you say in the middle of a busy city street while you throw your phone to your insta husband. Taking pictures in public, creating an instagram and telling the world that you have ideas, and then telling your friends and coworkers about it is a strange and at times uncomfortable thing.

What if people think I'm weird? What if no one reads my work? What are my credentials to write about xyz and why should people listen to me? So many different thoughts but these are all negative thoughts that your mind creates to psych you out of doing it. Do it anyways. The amount of time that I spent how humming about it was crazy, until one day I just did it. I took the necessary steps, found my domaine name and posted. And just like that, I started my own blog,

Consistency is Key
Probably one of the most common pieces of advice that I hear, but for good reason. All bloggers can confirm that their growth is strong and solid when they post consistently, not too often or not often enough, rather finding that sweet spot where they can grow their followers without annoying them (3 insta posts a day? *unfollows*)

Not only do you have to work on insta, but also your blog, twitter, pinterest, snapchat (assuming you use that cause I'm close to deleting SC now). Brainstorming ideas, writing, editing, editing some more, scrapping ideas, taking pictures, editing pictures, putting it all together and then publicizing it.. phew, it takes a fair bit of time. Just like the gym, if you want to see growth then you have to keep at it on the regular.

You Have to Make Sacrifices
Be it that you can't hang out with your friends as often, or you need to stay up late (again) to edit some pictures and write your blog post. That you need to pay for your blog template and domaine name, or that you need to take the long walk to work in uncomfortable shoes super early in the morning to get that one shot that you've been thinking about for a few weeks. One way or another, there are sacrifices that you have to make, but then once blogging becomes a normal part of your life, you'll think about what you did with all that time before working on your blog.

There will be Fakes
YUP, we're gonna talk about this. Instagram, bots, comment pods and algorithms. My least favourite word *shudders*. 
People will try to cheat the system, but we see you guys. We're not stupid and although having a large following is great and we all strive for that, a quick click and search reveals the truth.

Don't do it. No matter how easy it seems or how trivial it seems, when I realize that a blogger that I once respected bought their followers, you know that I clicked 'unfollow' faster than the population of Toronto complains about the cold once it hits the negative temperatures.

You do you boo boo
At the end of the day this is your blog and your content. You wanna write about Harry Potter and then add in a fashion post and then one about career? Do it. I'm not stopping you. Your blog is your little piece of the internet, continually changeable so that it becomes what you want it to be and grows with you. Change your feed, your posts, your pictures, your colour schemes, and anything else in between- as long as it's what you want.

Thank you to everyone who's been a part of this journey- your comments, likes, views and thoughts don't go unnoticed!

You're all very much appreciated. 
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