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Hi cheekies, welcome back to my blog! Today I'm doing a 'what I'm loving rn' post and I have a youtube video for it as well. I've gotten back into the swing of YouTube so if you haven't checked it out already, feel free to grab a look down below!

Class Pass
Class Pass is a great idea if you haven't heard about it already. Instead of paying for individual studios (especially ones that you've never been to!) class pass allows for you to buy monthly credits and then use those credits at individual studios. It ends up being cheaper than going to individual studios, however given the price, you don't necessarily have all classes available to you, there are only 1-3 spots available per class and there's a maximum number of times that you can go to a studio in a given month. None the less, it's a great way to get some workouts in and to try out different studios and classes.
Studio Lagree
I hate the fact that I've fallen in love with pilates at Studio Lagree, it's honestly so incredible. A 50 minute workout that you feeelll the next morning, and given the bodies that these women have, it's clearly a great workout. It uses the megaformer machine which you have to use s l o w l y and pulse it out and hold and then pulse it out again. It won't make you the sweatiest but you can bet that it makes your muscles shiver and quake and that you feel the burn both during the class and afterwards as well.
muchelleb on YouTube
Muchelleb does a lot of videos about productivity, getting your shit together, following your goals etc etc and I have to credit her videos for getting me re-inspired for my blog and YT. She gives great advise and uploads frequently and yet she always has new, creative and fresh content.
I found out about Muchelle via Lavendaire on Youtube who does a lot of lifestyle posts as well and is so soft spoken, I would love to be friends with her! Give these lovely ladies a follow because they have great content that'll help you really get your shit together (and who doesn't need that?)
Into Thin Air - Jon Krakauer

Known as one of the best adventure books and for good reason! I'm 70 130 pages in already and it's very interesting so far as Jon goes into detail about what it's like to climb, and although you might think that it's boring it's interesting to hear about the relationships 

Saje Liquid Sunshine Diffuser Oil
Liquid sunshine is such a great name for it, because this smells like clementines and is a really uplifting scent. I have a diffuser at home but didn't use it too much because the lavender oil that I had smelt very strange and unnatural to me. I bought this on a whim and now haven't even turned off my diffuser (except to refill it with water). You do need a fair number of drops to actually smell it in your room, and as the water amount is decreasing within your diffuser, you won't smell it as much. So at $20 a pop it is a bit pricier, however I really enjoy it, and it's well worth it because now I actually use my diffuser (my skin loves it!)
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer
My sister used to work at Sephora and I remember her getting this for free (those were the days!) and I remember having this one and liking it, but way before I was actually into makeup and understood how good this actually was. Now that I finished my Maybelline BB cream, I decided to go for this one, being drawn to the fact that it's a cult favourite with good coverage and dat glowwww doe. Can confirm, that it’s a fantastic product and it looks fantastic on my skin. This is now a part of my daily makeup routine and I love the smell of it as well. They also have a few variations of it, some with SPF, some that are oil free and another one that's even more illuminated, however I got the original variation (I wear SPF30 + on the daily so we're good fam!)
OPI Mimosas for Mr and Mrs
This is a new nail polish that I picked up from winners (bless Winners) that's a nice light pink. In my YT video I said that it's called "Mimosas for Me" which I think is a much more suitable name lol. It's a nice light pink with a buildable coverage so it makes me look a lot more put together than I actually am when I have my nails this colour.
Bella Glasses from BonLook
Somehow I didn't post this in my YouTube video and I don't know how because I love these! I mentioned them in my zero to hero video/post because I really do feel more put together and chic when I have them on. They're super comfortable and I love the pink tortoise style.
Let me know in the comments what you guys think about my new picks and anything else that you've been loving this month!
xx Diana

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