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The Cult Obsession with Success


Ahh... success. We all want it, crave it, and work for it. And yet, I feel like we can never have enough? Once we reach a goal before we can even enjoy it, we jump onto the next goal.

We live in an era where you're supposed to smash your goals, give it your all and give nothing but 100%. But what if you don't want that? What if you're ok with just good?


This post comes after reading Ellie's blog post about her obsession with success and it got me thinking, why is anything below absolute perfection seen as failure?

This was an idea that I've been toying with in the back of my mind on and off for at least a year. Earlier in my career I would do anything to be in the top performers, but after hustling hard for a year and not reaching the top 5 in the country for sales (and thus not getting an all inclusive paid 4 day get away to Mexico) I felt rejected, snubbed and stupid for trying so hard but not achieving what I was going for (I was number 7 in the rankings). After that I didn't want to give it my all, because, what's the point? I would work on weekends, not take lunches or breaks, go into work at 7 am and leave at 5, get home crying sometimes, stressing, always on my toes. Looking back at the job, I loved it, but I do wish that I slowed down more, said no, took breaks and enjoyed it instead of dreading every email that was sent because it was something else in my to do list. 

So with that in mind, why is society so against being good, why does everything have to be perfect, amazing, fantastic? Why is it all or nothing, and does it make me a failure if I'm ok with the idea of work- life balance? Do I need to keep climbing the corporate ladder? 

Of course not, and if I choose to do so, it doesn't make me less of a person. I still have goals and wants, but I might not be scrambling after them like they're my last meal on earth. 

I want to be able to work, workout, hang out with people, go out for drinks, chill out, work on my blog and clean, but if you're hustling non stop, how do you fit everything in? 

Sometimes I feel guilty that I'm not hustling super hard on my blog, but why? If it's something that I do for enjoyment, then why do I feel guilt?

You can call this more of an opinion piece, an idea, word vomit. It's different and much shorter than my usual blog posts but it's a thought that I have and wanted to start a conversation about it. 

Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are!
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