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My Affordable Nighttime Skincare Routine

Hello everyone, thanks for popping back to my blog. Today I'm doing one of my favourite blog posts, my night time skin care routine, however all of the products that I'm currently using are fairly affordable, so it won't break the bank. If you're interested in my morning skincare routine then you can check it out here. If you're interested in my night time routine, keep reading below, or just watch the youtube vid down below :)


Step one, taking off all of the days dirt, oil, sweat and makeup. I double cleanse with Cerave's hydrating cleanser which I LOVE. So gentle but it still works and I love how it's no frills, but it doesn't strip my skin, make me feel dry or irritated. It's not the greatest at taking off makeup however seeing as I wear minimal/light coverage makeup, I don't see that as a large downside. One pump of this bad boy and you're good to have a nice cleanse. Sure it's not Dior, YSL or Glossier, but if it works, lasts a while and is economically priced... I'll take it! (Although I have heard that it is a dupe of Glossier's Jelly Cleanser)


In the case that I'm using an exfoliator (maybe 3 times a week or so ) I'll do it right after my double cleanse. I prefer a liquid peel over a physical exfoliator, with my favourite being The Body Shop's Vitamin C liquid peel. When I went in to buy it they had a sale and this item was one of the few that was excluded and only available for full price, so I decided to skip out on it and purchase the physical exfoliator instead which does the job but isn't nearly as good as the liquid peel (my one true love).


Ahhh toner. What a way I've come in the last year with toner, from thinking that it was pointless to now absolutely loving it. I was finally able to get the glycolic acid toner from the Ordinary and I'm in LOVE. I can honestly say that this one product makes a noticeable difference in my skin… my pores are smaller, my skin is smooth and soft, and I have barely any breakouts! I started off with using this morning and night, but I found twice a day to be too irritating, so right now I'm just using it at night, but I might also use it in the mornings a few times a week. As someone who doesn't get the hype about Pixi glow tonic, I can say that this one is significantly better… and cheaper! I find it rare to say that I see a difference in my skin because of one product, but I can easily say that with this one. And at $7 a pop, you can't go wrong (assuming you can find it!)


Currently I'm finishing up Buffet from The Ordinary and I must say that I'm not a huge fan of it, I just don’t understand the hype. Maybe my skin is so good that the buffet doesn't work as well on it (what a good problem to have eh?) but I don't see major differences in my skin, the serum can sometimes pill if you layer too many products, and it's a little on the goopier side. As such, I'm excited to finish up the product and go back to using the Mega-Bright serum from Dr. Weil's for Origins… SO soft on the skin and it smells amazing. Whether or not this product makes a difference, I'm not so sure either but at least I enjoy putting it on!

Eye Cream

This is one product that is a bit more on the expensive side. I'm a firm believer in using an eye cream day and night, but there are some people that use it just once a day, and others who think that eye cream is just a marketing gimmick. My answer to this is that I would rather use eye cream every day and be wrong, then not use it ever and be wrong! I decided to venture in the skin care that bareMinerals has because I'm a big fan of their makeup and their philosophy. As such, I purchased the Skin Longevity Vital Power Eye Gel Cream which I've been using every night (I use another eye cream in the morning!). I don't see a difference in using this product although I do enjoy it, and like the buffet serum, this product can pill as well but I enjoy the texture of it. Thankfully I don't have any major problems with my under eyes.... dryness, wrinkles, puffing or dark circles (thank you genetics, lots of water and 8 hours of sleep at night!)


I used to use a treatment nightly, but I've since slowed it down. Treatments include vitamin C, retinoids, salicylic acid or niacinamide, all of which come from The Ordinary (can they sponsor me already?!?!). I now only do my retinoid about once a week and the other ones I'll randomly throw in here and there, I used to use vitamin c every morning, but I stopped just because I have too many products on my desk lol however I plan on putting it back into my morning routine.


Currently I'm using the gel cream from The Body Shop's Oils of Life line which is perfect for the dry winter months. I love mixing in the oil from the same line to add extra softness and moisture to my skin. Usually I use NMF from The Ordinary which has now become my HG product for a moisturizer (both day and night!) because it's so simple, it works and that price doeeee. I've been repurchasing it since I first bought it in the summer and will continue buying it once I run out of my current moisturizer.

Have you tried any of the products that I've mentioned here? What are your thoughts about my routine and do you have any tips, tricks or ideas for me to change up (or products that you recommend?). Let me know in the comments below, and as always, thanks for reading!
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