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How to go from Zero to Hero, Real Quick

Hi everyone, hope you're all keep fine and dandy. Today we'll be talking about ways to look 100 when you don't feel that same way. For hungover days, lazy days or days when you just dgaf- this is for you ladies. Seeing as I work in the corporate world, I have to put at least some effort in even when I don't feel like it so I like to think that I've learned a thing or two about how to look way more presentable than you actually are. I also created a youtube video, so feel free to check that out down below and hit that subscribe button!

Slick your Hair Back
Sometimes, not even dry shampoo can save you- we've all been there! If this is the case, or if you don't have time to brush your hair (raises hand)- throw your hair into a sleek low ponytail or bun, slick back the baby hairs and you're golden- no one will know.

Wear Lipstick
Literally the quickest swipe of lipstick will make you seem proper and put together. This is my go to trick when I'm not wearing any makeup at all... adding in lipstick makes it seem as if I meant to not wear makeup and am going for the whole cool girl French vibes when really I was too lazy or didn't have enough time. My go to would be a darker colour like a red or a pink instead of something more neutral.

Wear Statement Earrings
When your hair is slicked away from your face, it's nice to also add in dangly/statement earrings to add some life to your outfit. I love the trend of the 'curtain' earrings, however any sort of hoop or dangly ones work just fine as well.

Wear Glasses (If you have them)
Recently I purchased these beautiful bonlook glasses to use while I'm on the computer, and I find that they make me seem a hell of a lot more put together and chicer than I actually am. For no makeup days at work, this is perfect because it magnifies my eyes even though I'm looking like a frump.

Tuck your Shirt into your Jeans
Seeing as I work in a corporate environment where I'm thankfully able to wear jeans on a daily basis, I always make sure that my shirt is tucked into my jeans so that I seem profesh (and not like a slob lol). Literally takes two seconds but makes such a difference!

Wear Heels
The click clack of your heels makes you look and feel so much more powerful, and people will think that you're fancy schmancy (even if you're sitting at your desk for 97% of the day)

What are some quick ideas that you guys so that you can go from zero to hero realll quick?

Thanks for stopping by,

xx Diana
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