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Things to do in Toronto this Winter

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today I'll be talking about activities that you can enjoy in the city while it's winter. Now that the fun of the holidays has passed people are already complaining about the weather (eye roll) but it's what you make it (AMIRITE?) So here are some tips for those of you who are bundled up at home hoping for the weather to warm up because you have a while until spring/summer come. EDIT- nvm, these past few days/weeks we've seen some really warm/spring like temperatures (and seeing as I'm going skiing a few more times this year, I ain't about that life)

Financial District

I love skating, I think it's a great winter activity that's easy, fun and doesn't require an intense amount of physical exertion. Add in some warm hot chocolate or tea once you're done and it's golden. I love how it forces you to go outside and enjoy the weather and how you can do it with a ton of your friends. Some popular rinks include Nathan Phillip's square (although it's quite crowded), the harbourfront, the brand spanking new Bentway rink which is located under the Gardiner (haven't been there yet!) and my personal favourite- Colonel Samuel Smith's Figure 8 rink. Just double check which rinks offer skating rentals if you need them

Ontario place also has something new this year, opening up a 'winter' aspect to it with a synthetic skating rink as well as some light installations and bonfires. Looks like it's a combo of the light festival and the new Bentway skating rink but hey, we'll take what we can get right?

Although I didn't go last year, this is the second year that the distillery district is housing this event. It's a great way to keep riding the high after the end of the Christmas Market which is an absolute HIT every year. I love how it brings attention to the distillery district which is a very cute area but I find that I need a reason to trek over there, well- here's my reason. I'm hoping to see the light festival this year and take some ~aRtSy~ photos for insta.


For those of you who still hate the outdoors and cold, there are still other options available. One of which includes going to the museum. I love museums and the fact that they have ever changing exhibits makes you want to go back for more. Personally I prefer the AGO over the ROM however the yearly wildlife photography competition is amazing and well worth it. When Ivan and I went last year we were in awe with how amazing the pictures were- with zero editing, photoshop or lighting adjustments. Just the picture itself. To be frank, I was disappointed with the winners of the competition but I did see some incredible photos that I can still remember (the pure white of the arctic that’s stained red with blood of an animal that was killed by a polar bear and dragged along the tundra…. Ya, so good). As well, Yayoi Kusama's incredibly popular infinity room exhibit is coming to the city but tickets are now long gone. The exhibit runs for 3 months and it was pure luck/lottery for the people that received the tickets.. and I was one of them! I'm hoping that it was worth trying for two days and waiting 4 hours before getting them.

AGO hosts First Thursdays and the ROM has Friday Night Lights which are amazing events- on specific days the museums are open until late, where it's 19+ with music, bars and you can get all dressed up- while looking at art! I highly recommend checking it out, thankfully they have them on the regular, just make sure to buy tickets because they always sell out early!

The culinary event that has both a summer and a winter variation of it, where you can eat at some of the finest restaurants for a much cheaper price. Book these fast, because they are very popular and although I've somehow never made it to any of the restaurants, every time the event comes around I always think "I should go" and then another year passes....

Let me know what else I'm missing  in the comments below!
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