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The Ordinary Bests and Worsts

Hello my friends, welcome back! Today I'm doing a post that's been about 8 months in the making. I love The Ordinary, I think that it's amazing that they're a Toronto-based brand and have amazing products for extremely affordable prices. With that being said, not everything that I've tried from them has been a hit in my books. After months of trying different products (and using them for long enough to see if there's a change in my skin) I would like to present to you with products that I think are and aren't worth it. 

The Ordinary

HG. That is all I have to say. I've bought numerous tubes of this and it's honestly amazing. Not tacky, gives a lot of moisture, sinks in quickly, no scent and for the price?!?! Killer. I highly recommend this to any one. I use it as both my night time and day time moisturizer (except for right now because I ran out of it) lol

Known as a dupe for the Pixi glow tonic, and a much better one at that. I never really liked the Pixi toner and given the price for a product that works better than Pixi's... it's a win win. I saw huge differences in my skin right away with this, and I use it nightly. I used to use it twice a day but I found that it irritated my skin, so I've since switched to nightly. This is a product that gives noticably results so I'll be repurchasing it over and over again (as long as they don't run out... again) 

I wanted to like this one. I really really honestly did. I used it religiously for weeks/months.. using up 75% of the bottle but still, no change in my skin. I wasn't a fan of the texture, a little bit on the goopier side, and I found that the product tends to pill when you layer products on top of it. Sorry fam, this one's a no from me. 

This product is great for those with oily or acne prone skin. I originally bought it because I had some little bumps on my forehead, and I will say that this product helped out. Although I still have half the bottle left, I don't use it as often as I did before because I no longer get those bumps. If you have oily/acne prone skin, I would 100% recommend this as a nightly treatment.

Vitamin C Suspension 23% in HA 2% Suspension
The first Vitamin C product that I used but with mixed ideas from me. The texture of the product is what throws me off, it's very gritty but when you rub it into your skin it dissipates quickly. None the less, as a product that I use every morning, it started to irritate me (and my skin) so after using it up I decided to venture into their other Vitamin C products.

This one is housed in a Vitamin F oil, it's an extremely thin consistency and it has a very light scent to it, not a bad scent, but just different. I'm using this every morning and it's much more enjoyable than the original Vitamin C product, however once I use this one up, I'll be searching for the other Vitamin C products that they offer.

The first retinoid product that I've ever used, and I really enjoy it! I see a noticeable difference the morning after I apply it and it doesn't cause any irritation as it's housed in squalene, which is very moisturizing. I use this about once (maybe twice) a week as I don't want to over do it.

And there we have it, my hits and misses from The Ordinary. I plan on going back to get some rosehip oil, the NMF and then seeing what other goodies they got going on. Do you guys have any recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments below!

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