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Best of Skincare 2017

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. This post comes a little [EDIT- a lot] late however I decided to still post it because I do leave reading/watching there! If I don't mention a category here it's because I haven't found a product that I think is incredible (i.e. blush, bronzer, lipstick etc...). This is a fairly basic/small list consisting mainly of skincare but I do believe and love these products. Let me know if you're tried any of them!

Not a good pic, but the reason I haven't posted this post is literally because I didn't have a picture
Missing: The Ordinary's Moisturizer 

 I picked this up in November after watching Gothamista on YouTube talk about how much she enjoyed using it. Seeing as it was a good price, recommended from a beauty guru and I was out of cleanser, I decided to pick it up and loved it right away. It's not the greatest at taking off makeup, however for someone who wears nominal makeup, I think it's just fine. It's incredibly moisturizing and I like the fact that it isn't foaming (personal preference), and created by dermatologists.

I've been using this since the very beginning of the year, having repurchased it two (or was it three?) times. It's a clear thick serum that starts to pill as it takes off the dead skin cells and it's so gross but also so enjoyable because as opposed to a physical exfoliator, you can actually see and feel the dead skin cells come off and it isn't abrasive at all, it's a very gentle way to exfoliate. 

Yup, The Ordinary's moisturizer is top of the line. Perfect, no frills, moisturizing and affordable af. I've bought this continually since the summer and will keep going back to it. I think it'll be quite hard for me to switch away from this product seeing how good it is, especially for that price.

Skin Treatment
The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane
This is the first time that I started using retinol on my skin but holy crap I get it. This one from The Ordinary doesn't make my skin sensitive at all and the next morning I can see and feel a difference. My skin is softer, smoother, has better tone and the pores are smaller. I use it once-twice a week as I don't want to make my skin too sensitive.

A great runner up is The Ordinary's Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% treatment, which helps anyone with acne prone skin as it helps to control oil production. The consistency is strange, a little bit on the goopier side and it can pill if you add to many products on top of it so I'd recommend using it at night and not layer too many products.

Eyebrow Tinting
Although this isn't a product, it's more of a beauty treatment, I love getting it done. It's quick, cheap and effective, allowing me to skip doing anything to my brows in the mornings. If you have fine/thin brows this might not be as beneficial to you however for those of us with brows that are on the lighter side, this is an amazing addition to your monthly routine. I highly recommend getting it done, and for only $15-$20, lasting 1-2 months it's a great deal.

And there we have it, some quick favourites of the year! I know that this is quite a small list but hey, I'm not a beauty guru!

See you guys next time! 
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