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2018 New Years Resolutions

Hello my wonderful friends, thanks for coming back to my blog! I've been putting out tonsss of content these past few weeks which I'm really happy about. It probably has to do a lot with that fact that I've had time off of work because of vacation days and Christmas/New Years break. Although I won't be posting as much now that the holidays are over, I still plan on posting consecutively. I already posted 25 original ideas for New Years, however here are some of my goals for 2018 that I want to focus on. Keep reading below for my goals and let me know your thoughts below :)

Live a More Environmentally Friendly
Less F21, H+M and Zara and more quality brands, Club Monaco, Aritzia, adidas, Nordstrom etc. In terms of food, less meat and more eating local eats, especially in the summer when I can shop at local farmer markets. A lot of people think that going vegetarian/vegan is environmentally friendly (and it is! Don't get me wrong) however I remember learning in my food and geography class (good old university requirements) that even more environmentally friendly is to eat within a 100km radius of where you live. Eating local dairy, meat and vegetables is much more environmentally friendly than eating bananas and mangos that have been shipped from Latin America or Asia, especially when you eat seasonally.

Spend less money on things and more on experiences
More concerts, ski trips, travel plans, fun nights out etc... Less coffee and snacks, makeup, clothing, manis/pedis, ubers, and less wasted money. This year I plan on going on three ski trips (Blue Mountain, Mt Tremblant and Vermont/NY) as well as a few day trip to local ski resorts. In the summer I want to have a Euro trip and go to a number of music festivals (both in Toronto and elsewhere). I want to go to Montreal and NYC. Vancouver would be nice too. I also wouldn't be against going down south to Arizona/Florida/Cuba. And why not? Why should I not do these things? What excuses are holding myself back? Thankfully I have the money and time to do them. I'm hoping that when 2019 comes around (which will come around so fast!) that I'll be able to have all of these trips under my belt. 

Live Healthier
I started decreasing the amount of coffee that I drink, swapping it in for tea instead, not because I don't like the taste of it, but rather because I find that I'm not tired and don't actually need it. As well, limiting alcohol (something that I find to be quite easy in the winter... the summer's a different story though), taking my vitamins consistently (I've been doing that for a few weeks already) and the ever so classic go to the gym more often. Last year I started weight training and it's done amazing things to my body. This year I'm hoping to continue with weight training as well as continuing with weekly yoga and adding in more classes. I resigned up for classpass because I genuinely enjoy going to studios so I'm hoping that I can do that in addition to weight training and yoga. I really love barre classes and I also hope to add in some pilates on the reformer machine.

Cook Through a Cookbook
I've always wanted to do this! Buy a cook book and attempt every recipe in it, from front to back. Not only would it help to teach me how to cook and experiment, but it would also expand my food palette because I'd be forced to eat foods that I wouldn't normal eat. I'll probably take my time to choose a cookbook but it would be great to try out.

Let me know in the comments below what some of your goals are for the year! Side note- if you're interested in finance, I'll be doing some blog posts/YouTube videos about finances/investing.

See you guys next time !!

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