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Skincare Essentials for a Ski Trip

Hi everyone! In conjunction with the YouTube video that I made (but didn't take a thumbnail pic... eyeroll) here's a blog post to go in regards to it.
Last week I went on a quick three day ski trip and had a blast! However, I've learned from my previous mistakes and have thus done a quick video from some staples that you're going to need for when you go on a ski trip.

Keep reading below and/or watch the video!

A moisturizer is obviously an essential, make sure that it's one that you don't mind using a lot because I packed that on like a mother effer. Whenever I would come back in from the cold I would put another layer on and sometimes add in a drop of oil. My choice is the natural moisturizing factors from The Ordinary. It was moisturizing without being sticky or tacky, and because it's so affordable I didn't have any fear about how much I was using and how expensive it was. 

Overnight Mask
At night (and sometimes before I would hit the slopes!) I would slap this onto my skin so that it would give me even more moisture Although it's made to be used at night and washed off, I found it to be really pleasant during the day and that it made a big difference in my skin. It also helps that the one that I used (from Origins) smells like peaches, but at $20 for 50ml, this was used more sparingly than the moisturizer from the Ordinary. 

I love using salve because it sinks in well and is super moisturizing. I use it on my lips and my cuticles, however it's great for your elbows or any parts of your body that have flakey or super dry skin. I love Smith's Rosebud Salve because it's so moisturizing and affordable! They also have another variation of it that comes in tube form if you'd rather use that.

This is easily forgotten about but shouldn't be! Given the reflection of the sun on the snow as well as enjoying lunch on a patio and walking around the ski village, it's easy for the sun to give you some freckles or redness, so just slap some on once you're done your morning skincare routine.

I'm hoping to go skiing a few more times this winter, so I can keep using these products over and over again.
Do you guys go skiing or have any tips for winter skincare? Let me know in the comments down below!
Thanks for reading!
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