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Reflecting Back on 2017

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year to you all :)

I decided to write up a more personal post about all of the great things that have happened to me in 2017. It's easy to forget all of the good or to focus on the bad, and all years aren't without their ups and downs, however 2017 was still a good year for me.

I've also linked related blog posts in each of the subtitles if you want to grab a quickie read!

New Years in Montreal (froze to death)

Although it wasn't the greatest of trips (cold, expensive, a friend bailed during the last minute) I enjoyed spending some time in the city (the first time in about 5 years!). I walked up Mont Royal on a gorgeous sunny New Years day, I went to Beauty's for brunch twice (SO good), walked around the old town for a while and did some shopping too!

I had a blast going with my boo to Mexico- a short trip of only 4 days but it was great to get away from the cold, tan my buns, drink unlimited G+Ts, eat my body weight in nachos and guac as well as swim in the ocean and go dune bugging before jumping into a cenote! So much fun and I'm excited to visit Mexico again- so much to do and see (and lots of guac)

In December of last year I went to Blue Mountain and skiied for the first time in about a decade and fell right back in love with it- even buying my own skis! I went back to Blue in March and have already gone skiing this December with plans to do at least 3 more trips.

Thankfully I work in a business where growth and changing positions are the norm and thus I always have opportunities to change my job when the time is right. In November of 2015 I jumped at the chance to get a higher paying/higher level job before quickly realizing that I hated it. I dreading going into work on the daily, I would run out right when my 8 hours was finished, I was bored, disinterested, not performing well and genuinely unhappy. In August of this year I was able to post out and received  my current job, where I'm significantly happier. I've been told that I look happier now that I have a different job and although the commute is longer, I received no pay increase and it was technically a step down in the ladder, I don't care and would do it again in a heartbeat.

I Started Blogging!

One of the biggest benefits of the point above about the job that I hated is that I officially launched my blog! I jumped in, clicked post, started an instagram, twitter, blog, pinterest etc etc etc and have now been blogging for close to a year (wattttt). You know that come one year from my post that I'm gonna be doing "What I've learned in my first year of blogging" post."

Became Comfortable with Driving

I was super late on getting my driver's license.... SUPER late. Although I still have one more (pesky) exam that I need to complete before I have my full license this is the year that I'm able to jump in the car without stressing about driving, what intersections am I crossing, do I have to make any left turns, what about the highway? I'm confident in my driving (and your girl has also kinda learned how to parallel park... in a minivan) #soccermom

Working out Regularly and Adding in Weights

I always knew that weights are necessairy and healthy to add into your routine, but let's be real here.. starting weights can be scary. You're not sure how to use the machine, you feel like your weights are measily realative to other people and (the main thing) is that you feel uncomfortable figuring it all out in a male dominated gym. However I pushed through and the gym is now an important part of my life. I've resigned up for classpass so I'm excited to add in barre, pilates and maybe another form of workout to my routine as well!

Starting Yoga
Continuing on the point about the gym above, I've started adding yoga into my routing since the summer. About once a week I take a yoga class and I love how it makes me feel and it's been really good for my body. Before I passed off yoga as silly, thinking 'it's just stretching', but I'm sure that you can agree that it's not 'just stretching'. It wasn't until I started practicing yoga on a regular basis that I realized all of the positivity that it brings to me!

This might not seem like a big deal to most people but it is for me! I spend most of my time at home within my room and it no longer suited my needs. The corner desk was way too big and I barely used it, and I was no longer a fan of the artwork or the standing dresser that we had. Throughout the year I bought a new desk, changed the light fixture (let there be light!!), bought a new picture to hang (hello Kate Moss), and just bought a new dresser. This has resulted in significantly more space within my room as well as me using my desk a lot more instead of using my computer in bed.

My Sister Graduated and got a Job

This isn't directly related to me but it's had a huge positive impact on my family. My sister completed optometry school in the states and not only was it incredibly stressful, hard but also expensive. After 4 years undergrad and now 4 years graduate my sister (and the whole fam) were starting to get real antsy about her finishing up school and starting to work. I'm glad to say that we went to her wonderful graduation in Boston and she started working in NY state this summer. (I'll be visiting her to do some skiing this year as per my note above!) ;)

Isn't life crazy when you look back at it? How quickly a year has passed and all of the things that have happened? Although this looks at just the highlights I won't say that I haven't had any lows, medical problems in the family, frustrations with (still) living at home, internal struggles of being a new blogger in a sea full of established ones... The list goes on.

Happy New Year, I hope you have health, happiness and prosperity :)

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