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November Favourites

Hello my baby angels! Today I'm talking about my November favourites/stuff I'm loving rn! Below are all of the links and yes yes, yet another YouTube video. I'm all about that YT life now! Stick around, like the video, click subscribe, sit back and enjoy the show.

Gucci Floral Silk Scarf

The one linked is in a vibrant pink colour but mine is more of a millenial pink version, very subtle and girly. I'm so excited to crack this out for spring and wear it to my heart's content! I bought this used from and highly recommend you checking them out because everything is guaranteed authentic and it's base is out of Montreal. This is my first designer product and I'm so happy with the purchase (although my friends who don't understand designer don't get why I spent $170 on a scarf).

Zaful Twist Front Bandeau Bathing Suit

I've purchased bathing suits from Zaful before and they're honestly SO cute! Note- their quality isn't the greatest but I do feel as if they've upped their game since I ordered my last pairs of bathing suits back in January. This one is a little bit more nakey nakey (cue Rihanna's song) but I love the twist front and the cut of the bottoms. They're perfect for tanning (with SPF60 obvi).

I mentioned this in my first ever YT video (shameless plug) about my morning routine so no surprise that I'm mentioning it here but seriously this stuff is the bomb diggity- so light and hydrating but it does a great job and doesn't foam up too much. It's not the greatest for removing makeup but if you use it on your eyes (like I do) then it does a good job of removing eye makeup without stinging your eyes.
I love this stuff! It heats up when you rub it in your hands so it helps to purify your skin even more because the heat opens your pores. It doesn't dry down so you can keep rubbing it so that it reheats up which feels amazing. It also moisturizes your skin and is really easy to take off so it's a win win win all around. 

Where Good Ideas Come From - Steven Johnson
My sister gave me this book after she received it from a work conference and wow is it amazing! It looks at ideas and how the creators came to that concept (incubators made out of car parts.. wattt) and what helps to breed new ideas (the kitchen table at work has more importance than you might think). The book is eye opening and fascinating, giving you tons of examples for both new and old ideas so you'll always have interesting things to talk about at a cocktail party.

Let me know if you've bought/tried any of the products mentioned and let me know in the comments below!
2 comments on "November Favourites"
  1. The book sounds amazing, I´ll add it to my read list.

    Vanessa x |

  2. Yes it's super interesting! Thanks for reading :)