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Lifestyle Changes for Better Skin

Hi everyone, good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Today we're talking about ways to get better skin that has nothing to do with skincare products, rather lifestyle changes that you can make so that you can focus on having healthy, soft, smooth skin (who doesn't want that?)

EDIT: I made a YouTube video if you want to watch what I have to say :)

Keep reading below for my thoughts and let me know what you do to have that clear glowing skin that we all strive for!

Watch what you Eat
This you already know but it's still important to mention! I find that drinking a lot of alcohol makes me break out as does eating a lot of sweets. Some people don't do well with gluten, dairy, meat etc etc. so it's important to see what you might be sensitive to so that you can avoid it. Obviously limiting processed sugar is important but also girlll treat yo' self. It's all about balance!

Water and Vitamins
Drink more water! You know this as well but it's true that drinking enough water a day will make a difference. I used to always carry a stainless steel waterbottle with me but I didn't really like drinking out of it and as such, I barely drank any water. It wasn't until I bought a plastic waterbottle with a sippy straw in it that I really increased how much water I was drinking. Take a look at your waterbottle, it could make a much bigger difference than you first thought.
You can mix and match different vitamins depending on what your skin needs or what's missing from your diet, or you can buy vitamin pills that are specific to promoting healthy skin as they contain a number of important vitamins and minerals. Personally, I use fish oil but I've thought about adding another one into my daily (lets be real here... more like weekly) regime.

Going to the gym and working up a sweat does great things to detoxify your skin (it also gives you a natural blush) ;) I would recommend something more cardio based so that it can get your heart pumping and blood flowing but it doesn't matter what you do, any sort of movement will help to sweat out the toxins from your skin.

Decrease Stress
Everyone's busy, everyone's stressed. We know, we know. That doesn't make it any less important to take care of ourselves. This can be reading a good book, going for a massage or facial, a nice long walk, or hanging out with friends. Yoga has been great for stress and there are a number of studies talking about how yoga/meditation, even for 20 mins a day makes a great difference in terms of your stress. Whatever it may be that helps to relax you is worth it; not only for your skin but also for your sanity!

Water Therapies
This is my favourite out of all of my tips! I love saunas, hot tubs, steam rooms, the whole shabam. Switching between hot and cold water sources does great things for your circulation, and sitting in a hot steam room really opens up your pores. I like to use a steam room once I'm done at the gym before popping into the shower. Just make sure to take an extra towel to sit on! It's best if your skin is clean of makeup so that you can reap the full benefit of the steam room, especially after working out (see above tip!) Some people spray essential oils to really use the steam room to their benefit. 

Look at your Environment
I've only lived in Toronto so I've only ever been used to this air quality and water quality, however I have friends who have lived in different cities/countries and said how important the city that you live in is to your skin. One was in Sao Paulo and actually developed rashes because the environment was so bad, whereas my other friend was in Calgary and said that the fresh air was great for her skin. Now I'm not saying that you should move cities just to have better skin, but be aware of your environment.. indoor vs outdoor, city vs suburbs. Could you add in a humidifier at work or at home so that the air isn't as dry? Open the windows, close your windows more often? What about disinfecting your phone and doorknobs because they're dirty affff.

And there we have it!What are some of your favourite non skin care related ways to get better skin? Let me know down below in the comments sections and as always, thanks for reading :)
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