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Enjoying Hygge During the Holidays

We’re all just trying to make it in this crazy thing called life. From work to errands, working out, meal prep, Netflix, ample sleep, appointments, finances etc etc etc

When does one have a minute for themselves?? Well, take note from the Danes; seen as the happiest in the world which we can partially attribute to their idea of hygge (don’t worry I also sound like a dying narwhal when I pronounce it) which can be summed up as coziness of the soul. You've likely heard of The Little Book of Hygge and if you haven't then you've been living under a rock. The book looks at the Danish lifestyle to see what they do on a daily basis to incorporate hygge into their lives.

Ice Skating Toronto

It's a quite trendy idea at the moment, but one with good intention. The author (Meik Wiking) also wrote another book called The Little Book of Lykke where he travels across the world to see what it is that makes people happy (I'm interested in reading this book as well!)
 Keep reading below to see ways to incorporate hygge into your life now that the weather is cooling down.  
If you've never visited the Toronto Christmas Market before, I highly recommend it. It's super cute- an outdoor market that imitates the German ones where you can buy mulled wine (YES) and walk around the shops while admiring the decoration and music. Note- this place gets really busy on the weekends so I would recommend going on a weekday after work, it's especially nice when it's dark outside; it makes it more hygge like. Because of how busy it is they charge a $6 entrance fee if you go Fri- Sun night with the funds going to the adminstration costs and three charities .  Just make sure to dress warmly and grab an insta or two with you in front of the tree or the classic "Gooderham and Worts Limited" sign.

Hot Tea and a Good Book 
May I recommend When Breathe Becomes Air by Paul Kalanthi or The Sun and her Flowers by Rupi Kaur which are great heartfelt books that make you think and ponder (and potentially shed a tear or two). For tea I love David's Tea and some of my favourite include Forever Nuts or Chocolate Macaroon. I love the act of holding a warm mug of tea in my hands and sipping from it, so hygge like, especially when you're holding a physical book instead of reading from a screen.
Sip sip, turn the page, sip sip, repeat.
Go Skating
Toronto has a ton of skating rinks, both downtown and out in suburbia. The classic ones include the one at Nathan Phillips Square; outside of the Christmas tree  and the TORONTO sign, as well as the one towards the Harbourfront where they have a DJ skate night on Saturdays. My favourite? Colonel Samuel Smith Park- located close to home in Etobicoke where the trail is a figure 8 and goes through the forest so that you feel very in touch with nature. 
Visit the Hudson Bay Christmas Window Display 
Located in downtown Toronto where you can visit it before/after skating at Nathan Phillips, it's a series of very cute moving displays that show classic Christmas/Winter scenes including polar bears sliding down a hill, children sleeping while Santa places the presents under the tree etc etc. It's a tradition that's been happening for years and it's cute to see how everyone stops to look at them with the lights shining on their faces and the temperature causing them to bundle up.  
Have you guys read any of these book or do you have a favourite tea? Is there something that you enjoy doing that's hygge like? I wrote a post last year (in the infancy of my blog!) about How to Enjoy Winter and a more recent post about How to Make Winter Workouts Easier.

p.s. I started a YouTube Channel if you want to check it out ;)
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