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25 Original New Years Resolutions

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by! I hope you all enjoyed time with your friends and family, eating tons of delicious food and taking midday naps J Now that Christmas is over I’m sure you’re all getting excited for New Years. With that comes the resolutions and I love this time period, I think it’s exciting and everyone has the best of intentions. Even if your resolution fails (like it does for most of us tbh), it’s still a jolly old time. So in the case that you want ideas for 2018 (OMG wat 2018 already??) that are more original than lose 10 lbs (eye roll).

Let me know in the comments below what your resolutions are!

Looking back on 2017.... For 2018 I'm hoping to do a lotttt more skiing ;)

       i.         Cook through a cookbook
     ii.         Try out a different fitness class on a regular basis (hello class pass! I just reactivated mine and am going to barre class on Sat- YAY!)
    iii.         Take a continuing education class
    iv.         Read on a regular basis
     v.         Start investing (don't worry, I'll be making some blog posts/youtube videos about how to start investing)
    vi.         Get your creative juices flowing
  vii.         Declutter your closet and donate/sell whatever you don't wear
 viii.         Spend more time outside (yes even when it’s -30 or +30)
    ix.         Switch out coffee for tea
     x.         Take your vitamins
    xi.         Stop procrastinating
  xii.         Write it down
 xiii.         Actually wake up early
 xiv.         Use up products (beauty, tea, clothes, pens etc) before buying new ones
  xv.         Start growing a garden
 xvi.         Learn how to plan ahead
xvii.         Invest.. in yourself, your skin, your hobbies, your home
xviii.         Put in the effort to become more cultured.. books, museums, documentaries, podcasts
 xix.         Live a more environmentally friendly life
  xx.         Walk more
 xxi.         Drink more water
xxii.         Donate blood (this idea was taken from Rachellea on YouTube) however it’s something that I feel strong about and try to do on a regular basis. Currently I’m eligible to do it as of Jan 31st and I really do mean it when I say that it puts me in such a good mood afterwards) J
xxiii.         Wear sunscreen everyday.
xxiv.         Spend less time online
xxv.         Do that thing that you’ve always wanted to do but just never got around to doing
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