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Top Sephora VIB Picks

Well hello ladies and gents, hope you're doing well, keeping warm, that whole shabam. Sooo if you're like me and like a good sale (who doesn't?) here are some things that I think are worth the purchase during the Sephora VIB sale (Nov 10th -Nov 16th) so that you can stock up on some goodies. Keep reading below for some of my favourite products and ones that I want to try out as well!

I feel like this is the mask that started it all- seriously everyone has these masks but they really are quite good! For when your skin is blah and you just want to clean out the gunk in your skin and brighten it, this one is perfect because it does what it says without drying out your skin (like some masks can).

This is something that I haven't yet tried however I'm quite interested to see how well it works, especially because they have so many variations of the mask depending on your skin type. The packaging of it is great as well.. it’s like a squeeze juice box! The different colours all focus on different skin concerns… if you want to mattify, moisturize, tighten.. whatever it may be, they got it for you!

So to start off… I’m not 100% sure where this product is on the Sephora website… Someone mentioned that they changed the name of the product however I’m on the search! I do hope that they still have it.. I do quite like it and wouldn’t mind putting it back into my skincare routine.

When I first finished university and started my 'big girl' job this was the first luxury brand skincare that I purchased and with good reason! This oil is something that you use at night which hydrates your skin and helps to replenish it after all of the pollutants that your skin comes into contact with during the day. The smell of it is very organic/natural like which I quite enjoy however it may not be for everyone. It sinks in quickly because it’s a dry oil and I really loved how it made my skin look.

THE most hydrating eye cream that I've ever used.. you only need a tiny bit but it really sinks into your skin quickly. I've tried out the caudalie one and was not impressed… every eye cream that I use I now compare to the Tarte one (as per Jamie Genevive's recommendation on youtube).

And there we have it, ways for you to justify spending more money at Sephora (in case you weren't spending enough already!)

EDIT- This doesn’t include any makeup picks but I’m more of a drugstore makeup/ Sephora skincare kinda gal… what can you do?

What are some of your top recommendations for Sephora’s sale? Comment below!

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