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My Morning Skincare Routine

These are one of my favourite types of posts to read! Anyone else? 

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Skincare is something that I've always loved, but it's only been since I started my blog earlier this year that I really started putting in a lot time, effort and cash monay into it. With tons of products and new releases happening all the time, how do you ever know which product (and routine) is right for you?

My morning routine is similar but not the same as my night routine (which will be a blog post for another day), so if you're interested in what I through on my visage every morning, then keep reading below!

Sometimes I'll just use water in the morning, other times I'll do a quickie cleanse so that I can take off dead skin cells and last nights products so that I can have a clean slate for the morning.

Currently I'm using CeraVe Ultra Hydrating Cleanser which was recommended by Gothamista on YouTube and I adore it! Extremely hydrating, a great price and it does a great job without becoming too foamy which can strip your skin. It's not the greatest at removing makeup but whatever man that's the life.

To tone, or not to tone... that is the question. I never toned my skin, I went by the logic that toner is an unnecessary step and that cleansing my skin (twice!) does more than enough cleaning. Although that's (somewhat) true, I'm still finding remnants of my makeup on my cotton pad. Currently I'm using Nip and Fab toner which contains glycolic acid to help purify my skin. It's most definitely helping to decrease the size of my pores and keep my skin clear however I feel like I could use something stronger as I never feel any tingling nor does it irritate my skin. No worries, I have the Ordinary's Glycolic Acid Toner as back up.

Under Eye Cream
My morning eye cream isn't the same as my night eye cream as it contains SPF in it (insert rant about how important it is to protect your skin daily). I do use stand-alone sunscreen during my morning routine but because the eye area is so sensitive, I can put this one very close to my eyelids without experiencing any irritation. My current under eye cream is the Origins- A Perfect World SPF 20 Age Defense Eye Cream with White Tea  which I think is ok.. It's slim pickings for an eye cream with SPF so I don't have a lot of options to choose from. Any recommendations?

Serum is one of the most potent products in your skincare. Personally, I love changing serums and I love to focus on ones that help to repair my skin, especially from pollution and #cityliving. I was using Caudalie's Vine [Activ] serum but was surprisingly disappointed with it so now I've switched to Andrew Weil's Origins Ultra Bright serum which I'm really enjoying because it's SO soft and has a very light scent as well. Have I noticed a difference in terms of any discoloration in my skin? Not really, partly because 1, I don't really have a lot of discoloration and 2, I haven't used it enough/consistently for it to really do it's magic. I also bought this at Winners on a whim for only $29 mainly given it's price point but I'm enjoying it so whatevs ya know?

Vitamin C

I use the vitamin C treatment in the mornings before my moisturizer because I'm all about the glow but also because Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps to protect against a horrible evil called sunshine. It works in tandem with sunscreen to help protect against UV rays and free-radicals. Note, Vitamin C is best used with vitamin E to have the strongest protection, but it's not to be used instead of sunscreen. Also make sure that you're triple checking all of the information in regards to your Vitamin C because it's a very unstable ingredient. My current pick is from the Ordinary (no surprise there) and it's great as they have a number of different options for Vitamin C products depending on the strength and texture of it. Currently I'm using the one housed in Vitamin F which is similar to a dry oil as it's so thin and contains squalane and jojoba oil so it's also moisturizing. 

No surprise here, I'm using the NMF fromThe Ordinary. It's a great light weight moisturizer that I use day and night, simple without anything additional to it. A great price with great results so I don't see myself getting rid of this one and it's become a staple that I've already repurchased multiple times.

Whenever people mention sunscreen they talk about how much they hate it; the smell, the white cast and the greasy feeling. Thankfully, my pale skin is more than used to regular sunscreen so I don't mind it and I don't have to pay a ridiculous amount for La Roche Posey sunscreen (although I have tried it and it really is quite good).

What are your thoughts with my morning routine? Too much? Not enough? If I'm really stressed for time the toner and the serum come out of the process but I personally enjoy taking the time for my skin and makeup in the morning.

Let me know your thoughts below about your routine or what you think I should add/remove from here!

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