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How to Start Training for a 5k Race

Heyo everyone, today we're talking about running. Ah yes, running. "I hate running" you groan. You drive past someone running at 9am in the morning "ugh, runners" you think, and then the next thing you know, you've signed up for a 5k run. I know, I know... it's only 5k... not 10, not a half marathon, not a full marathon- but you have to start somewhere right? I signed up for a 5k run with a colleague from work (who subsequently dropped out) on Nov 19th and started training about 5 weeks before the race itself.

If you're rolling your eyes right now, feel free to click away and go for a casual 25k jog. If you sound more like me, then keep reading for some things that you're gonna have to do if you want to finish a race and not die.

Start Training as Soon as Possible
Listen, I know that thinking about running now when the race isn't for two months isn't your favourite idea... But it'll make it much easier to start now. You don't have to do one run a day, even once or twice a week will get you on the right path so that you're prepared for race day. Starting early will allow your body to adjust and heal, the muscle pain, the shin splits, any blisters that might happen… it's better to have them happen earlier rather than later so that as the race comes closer, you can focus on running and doing a good job of it (who knows, maybe you'll even attain a personal best!)

Train in Similar Running Situations
Running on a treadmill is one thing, running outside is another ball game. Do what you can to plan ahead and practice outside (weather permitting of course) while figuring out what you want to wear. The last thing that you want is to wear something that's uncomfortable, doesn't fit well or chaffs! Something as small as how you tie your hair can be the difference between you having a good run or a bad one.


Track your Progress
Write it down, use an app, whatever it may be, make sure there's a way for you to track your runs so that you can know when you're starting to falter with your frequency or when you need to step it up a notch. I love the runners app because your friends can follow you on it and see how often your running as well as your results. It's also a great way for me to keep myself accountable and it's right at my fingertips; just start it when you start your run and then turn it off once your done. It tracks your average pace and gives you verbal reminders during your run of your current distance/time/speed (you can always turn this off if you wish).

Reward yourself at the end
Did someone say boozy brunch??? Try to get someone to meet you at the end of the race, it's nice to know that there are people waiting at the finish line, supporting you. Treat yourself to a nice new pair of running shoes or gym clothes. One of my favourite pieces of advice is to reward yourself with something that'll keep you doing whatever it was that you started. Let me break it down for you, if you reward yourself with new running shoes once you're done your race, you're more likely to continue running and signing up for more races. If you buy yourself earrings or a new lipstick, that won't help continue your running, ya feel? If you don't want to do any more runs, that's fine too! Just make sure to congratulate yourself at the end J

Make a Dope Playlist
Ok everyone knows this, literally everyone. But that doesn't stop it from being true. The last thing that you want is to start your race and continually be flipping through different songs in order to find one that gives you that hype that you're looking for. There are a number of different playlists that you can find on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube etc etc so feel free to go through them and find out what works for you.

I'll be sure to update this post with some pictures/stats once I finish my run in November J

What are some tips that you guys have? Do you run for fun or do any races, or are you one of those people who dreads running?

Thanks for stopping by!
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