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Everyday Minimal Makeup Routine

 Hello everyone, thanks for coming back to my blog! Today I’m looking at the products that I use to do my everyday minimal makeup look. I’ve also linked my second (!!) YouTube Video down below so make sure to give it a watch, like and subscribe to my channel!

Pop this on top of any redness that you have and it helps to counteract it, just be careful because depending on the products that you put on top, the green might shine through. It's  great first step though in the case that you're breaking out, just blend that ishhh real good before you go in with concealer/foundation.

One of the classics, very light, soft and easy to blend. Gives a tad bit of coverage and evens out my skin tone. They used to have it with SPF but then removed it which I don't really mind because I use SPF separately. I put this on top of my skin after the green concealer so that it helps to cover the green. 

Easy to apply, great coverage, and for a great price. This is the second time that I've bought this concealer and I'm sure to keep buying it! I put this on top of any remaining spots that I have as well as under my eyes and then blend blend blend!

This mascara has a tapered brush to it so I find it great for getting my baby lashes (i.e. all of them lololol). It does smudge a little bit which is a pet peeve of mine but it's nothing brutal at all.

Cult  favourite blush, a pink colour with gold shimmer running through it and it fits all types of skin colours and tones. I never used to be a blush kinda gal but I converted a few months back!

One of the most widely used  brow products and for good reason- some colour, some hold, what else do you need? When my eyebrows are tinted I don't use it as much because I like a more natural looking brow 

Gives you a great and natural glow that you can build up so I put this under my brow bone, on top of my cheek bones and on top of my cupids bow (gotta make it look like I have some lips!)

And there we have it, the products I'm using everyday when I want a simple and quick makeup look. Do you use any of these products or have similar dupes for them?

Let me know your thoughts and I do hope that you've enjoyed my jump into YouTube! 


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