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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Fashion Holiday Buys

Ah yes, tis the season and all. The Americans have just finished up with Thanksgiving (us Canadians are a month ahead) so you know what that means.... Christmas is in full swing! But before we do that, first we have to trample on people so that we can buy 75 inch tvs that we don't need (lol just kidding).

I've never been one to shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday but given the fact that there are a number of things that I want to pick up for my winter wardrobe I figured that I would delay buying them until the sales hit, while also writing up a blog post in regards to it (two birds with one stone and all).

I've put in a mix of goodies that are perfect for winter and the holidays, and all of the prices are in Canadian dollars (without any sales/discounts added in).
Keep scrolling down below to see what picks I find and let me know what your thoughts are!

My eyes are specifically on this first sweater (DAT LACE)

Zara Knit Sweater
Aritzia Babaton Pants
Aritzia Willfred Jallade Pant $125
UGH. Probably my favourite thing here- still professional while looking super chic! They also have them in a variety of colours- here's to hoping that there's a major discount on these puppies.
I love the sleeves of and the fact that the collar is removable!
Zara Black Floral Lace Skirt
Zara Floral Pencil Skirt $49.90
I love how it's feminine with the lace and flowers but still winter appropro. Ya feel?

Aritzia Babaton Green Masu Dress
Aritzia Babaton Masu Dress $175
Aritzia Babaton Burnham Blouse
Aritzia Babaton Burnham Blouse $90
Not a fan of the black tights on the dress but                  This one has kitties on it :) I love how the 
I think this is a great colour for the winter                      colours are light here because it's so easy to 
festivities and I love the deeep cut while having            stick to really dark colours when it's winter so 
long sleeves on it. Pull your hair back and                     this changes it up but still stays profeshhhh af.
wear some dangly drop earrings and you're cool af.

Zaful Cable Knit Sweater
Cozy knit sweater, solid price, need I say more? This is a bit more on the casual side of things, perfect with some jeans or leggings and some heeled boots.

Zaful Gray V Neck Sweater Dress
Love the long sleeve and the V neck on this dress! Slightly casual but also slightly dressed up!

What are you guys planning on picking up this weekend? Have you figured out what you're interested in buying?

Let me know in the comments below, and as always- thanks for reading! :)
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