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The Ordinary Haul and Review

Hi everyone, it's been a quick minute since I've last been on here! You might have seen me post on IG about my frustrations with blogging and instagram so I took a step back but I'm still here! J

Today we'll be talking about a wildly popular beauty company that I'm sure you've heard of already called The Ordinary- a Toronto based company based on no frills with incredibly affordable prices. 

EDIT; as of yesterday they've confirmed that they've opened up a store in financial district so we can all wave goodbye to my money and say hello to more of these reviews!

I've visited their store in Yorkville a number of times and can never leave empty handed, so here is a compilation of the things that I've purchased and my thoughts on them.

Vitamin C
Now I didn't just buy pure vitamin C (that's not really possible) but the reason that this is titled 'Vitamin C' instead of the full name is because I've bought a Vitamin C product from the Ordinary twice with differentiating results.

A bit of science behind Vitamin C- it's a powerful antioxidant that helps fight against free radicals and UVA/UVB rays (make sure that you're still wearing your sunscreen though!) however it is extremely unstable… thus any vitamin C in a lightly coloured/clear jar is a no no. As well, vitamin C products with water in them or ones in a jar (instead of a pump/dropper) aren't the greatest as they'll oxidize real quick rendering them useless on your skin.

The first Vitamin C product is housed in dehydrated spheres of hyaluronic acid (science EH?) in order to get around the dilemma of no water within the product. As such though, the texture of the product is rough. You can feel the spherical balls when you're rubbing it into your face and it feels like fine sandpaper but then dissolves into your skin quickly. It took me a while to get used to it, but seeing as I use it every morning before my sunscreen (as per reasons above!), I found that it was far too rough for my liking. So I looked into other options and found an oil based one housed in vitamin F.

I much prefer this one as the oil is super thin and easy to absorb, however the vitamin C derivative is different than the one above, and it has 20% vit C instead of 23%. None the less, the difference of 3% isn't enough to over take the texture of it, especially as it contains vitamin F. This product is about 4x as expensive, but still under $20 (insane prices right?). Is it enough of a price difference for me to choose one or the other? Maybe, at the 'expensive' price point of $20, that's still not that expensive.

This product is made as a treatment that you can use to help with acne/spots and boyyy does it work. I always had those tiny little bumps on my forehead, but with fairly consistent use of this product it went away quickly. Now that I'm also using a retinol a few times a week and Vitamin C as well, I can no longer use it every night because it negatively reacts to Vitamin C, so head warning not to use them together. The texture is a bit sticky/tacky… like a thick serum. Once I run out of it I might see if my skin returns back to its normal state or whether or not consistent use of other products will help to keep the bumps at bay. None the less, yes yes and yes to this product.

Basic moisturizer that does its job... no frills and I've repurchased it three times already. They do have a larger size of the product however it's always sold out whenever I go into the stores (ahem... far too often). It's honestly just so easy and simple with a great price point so it's become a Holy Grail product for me. Interesting fact, the name of the moisturizer (NMF for short) is actually the clinical terminology for the product and it contains products that are naturally occurring in the skin.

My first dable into a Vitamin A product that I use twice a week at night now, I'm really loving the results with it so far! I see a difference in terms of my pore size, skin texture and especially tone. Currently I'm using the 'beginner' version of retinoid which isn't as potent so that my skin doesn't react badly to it. Once I finish this bottle I might look into options for the stronger variations as I've had no negative reaction to it. They offer a variety of retinoid products so there's one for everyone. It's great for acne and especially as an anti-wrinkle tool if you use it consistently. I really love this stuff and the squalene gives it hydration as well so you don't experience the dryness and flakiness that usually comes with retinoids.

This is great as a spot treatment however seeing as the other treatments have been really good to my skin (YAY!) I don't use this one often (or ever really) because when I do it causes my skin to feel dry and many times it's recommended to not mix salicylic acid with other products that I use.

This company is a hugeee hit, and it's only been around for about a year. Cheers to Deciem and the Ordinary for shaking things up, and making skincare both affordable and accessible for all.

Still on my list to try include the glycolic acid toner and the buffet serum but I'm sure it's on everyone's list because they're always sold out! Have you tried any of these products? What are some of your favourite things from the Ordinary? 
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