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Preparing to Apply to a New Job

Hi everyone, I hope you're all doing well! Today on the blog we're talking what to do when you're apply for a new job. You might have seen me post on social media about changing jobs a few weeks ago so here are the things that I did to make sure that everything was in my favour when my boss was making his hiring decision.

Career Change
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Update your Linked In Profile

Ughhh, Linked In... just read my resume and cover letter and voila. But alas, that's not the way the cookie crumbles, so make sure you keep yours up to date and add people on it that you meet. If you're future employer sees that you have a mutual friend then that might ask that mutual friend/coworker about you, so make sure that you're friendly to everyone because they can make or break you!

On that idea of Linked In….

Clean up your Social Media Sites

Shut things off so that they're on friends only status, and make sure to delete any inappropriate pictures from your younger college days so that your future boss doesn’t have a bad taste left in their mouth when they see a pic of you at 3am on St. Patrick's day. A quick google search of your name can yield results that you wish you never saw (part of the reason that I'm so scared to do it myself!) Go through your old tweets and delete anything that might be seen as crude or off putting.

Go out for a Coffee

No not with your mom or your friend, go out for a coffee with someone who already has the role that you're interested in. Shadowing people doesn’t really exist that much anymore and it’s kind of a nuisance. Send a nice email asking someone if they have 15 mins for a coffee or a phone call. Don't expect anything from them other than learning what they do on a daily basis. Know what questions you want to ask them and keep it short and sweet. When you’re in the interview casually (wink wink nudge nudge) mentioned that you spoke with so-and-so and they said something that interested you. Chances are that the interviewer will go speak with that person to ask about you and even if they don't it shows initiative which is a great feature to have. Showing someone that you want the job and then actually doing something about it is a huge win, your future boss wants to know that you've done your research and now what to expect once you're onboarded.

Proofread your Resume and Cover Letter

Read it over, read it over, read it out loud and then read it once more. You'll be so surprised to see how many awkward sentences there are as well as grammatical errors. Have I submitted a resume with one (or two?) grammatical errors in and still got the job? Yes- it probably won't be your sole downfall… but it's not worth it to risk it. As always, ask someone else to read it for you because a new set of eyes will help you out.

Email the Interviewer Afterwards

To be completely transparent here, I always forget to do this but it really is important. A quick, 'thank you for your time, it was a pleasure meeting you, I look forward to hearing back from you'.


End it there before you get into a long tangent.

Network Network Network

This is something that you can't really do all at once, it's something that you have to do all the time and yes I knowww you hate networking but alas, people are way more likely to hire you if they've met you before- even if it was just for a brief minute. If you're deciding between two people who are exactly the same and the sole difference is that they met you for 2 mins at that one event that one time… that might be the edge to have them choose you.

At the end of the day, these are things that will help tip you from a maybe to a yes. If you're applying to be the CEO of a bank but you're currently a teller, I'm not too sure about that, but if you want to make a jump to something that you think you can do, and you have the education/experience for it- then do it! People are so scared about making career jumps that they stay in the same role for way longer than they should be.

What are some of your career tips that you have? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for popping by J
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