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What Every Woman Needs at her Office Desk

Anyone else in the corporate world here? *Raises Hand* 
Once you start working 5 days a week, you realize just how many things you should bring with you or you need at your desk as it quickly becomes your second home- I mean you're there for 8 hours a day so you know that there will be things that you need or problems that need to be fixed before that team meeting with the new VP.

Keep reading below for things that you should always keep at your desk so that you're never in an awkward pickle!

Change of Clothes
Who has not spilled coffee on themselves before and important meeting? Find that person please and show them to me. It's so important to have an extra change of clothes in the case of multiple accidents, rips, spills, period stains etc etc etc. Even if it doesn't match your outfit, you can at least do a quick change while you go to the washroom to fix whatever the situation.

Mini Makeup Bag
So I'm a person who usually brings concealer with them everywhere... if the rest of my makeup is failing, as long as i have my zits and spots covered, I'm golden. If you've had a late night or literally have zero time to do your makeup in the morning, this will at least make you seem presentable... ish. You can create your own mini makeup kit that you always have handy with your top go to makeup items... blush, bronzer, lipstick, foundation... whatever it may be so that you can look and feel polished within a matter of minutes.

Nailpolish Remover and Nailpolish
I'm the kind of person who goes to get manis on their lunch time break because I hate that they're chipping or that cuticles my cuticles are dry. Now, depending on the kind of office you have, you might be able to do this at your desk or you'll have to run to the washroom to do this. Nailpolish might be a bit too intense, but it's a risk that I'm willing to take! One of the AVPs that I used to work with would paint her nails in her office in her regular with zero facks given... You go girl!!!

Anyone else get super cold all the time while at work is it that just me? None the less, a scarf to drape over your shoulders or over your bare legs will help to not make you feel like you're in Antartica. Beware, the entire office will ask you 'are you cold?' every minute of every day but you can now answer 'no' because you're wearing said scarf. :)

Mug and Teas
Office people live off of coffee and tea... any hot liquids in general, and if you'v ever read an article about saving money you would know that the first thing on the list is to not buy your morning coffee and make it at home. Although yes this is true, we still all do it. I would recommend skipping your second cup of coffee and brewing some tea. Much cheaper and cosy as well because it's in your own mug. I love being able to make different types of teas at work depending on how I'm feeling. It also helps that there's a David's Tea around the corner from me.

Always keep a spare of all utensils with you so that you never have to worry about bringing it with you every day, or running out to a store and awkwardly stealing some plastic cutlery before leaving without buying anything.

Do you guys have any suggestions or holy grail products that you keep with you at your desk? Let me know in the comments below!

4 comments on "What Every Woman Needs at her Office Desk "
  1. Yes! These are all on point, especially the mugs since many colleagues don't like it when you use their mugs. My usuals would also be a hand cream and a hand sanitizer.

    1. Yes to hand cream and sanitizer! No point in having one without the other! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. A mug is a must-have! With the amount of tea I drink, I couldn't live without mine, haha!

    Anika |