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Starting a Blog and Blogger Problems

So you want to start a blog do you? Fine and dandy, take some pics, use some hashtags, write some stuff and then BOOM you’re jetsetting from country to country with companies, getting loads of swag and doing designer bag hauls every week.

Blogging is one of those things that you think is easy and then you start and you realize just how time consuming it can be and how much effort you have to dedicate to it. Read below for some of the things that you need to start blogging and common frustrations of being a blogger!

Starting a Blog

Blog Name

First, what’s your blog name? You want to have a name that is memorable and easy and will stay relative throughout time. Starting a blog while your pregnant and then calling your blog MommaToBe is great for 9 months… but once you give birth the name is no longer that relative. Personally, I like blog/insta names that include your own name in it. Having a name like “fashionlover32"1 doesn’t remind me of WHO the blogger is. If you’re struggling with your blog name I’d recommend that you read this post by Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential about what to do if you’re stuck on a name. The post looks at why your blog name is important but it shouldn’t stop you from starting your blog. Tons of people (myself included) don’t start their blog because they can’t think of a name which is a big no no.

Truth be told, I changed my name from dajadaily to thedianaedition about a month into starting my blog and instagram. Dajadaily (Daja is my nick name and you pronounce it die-ah) never fully vibed with me as it included my nickname (not my real name) and I didn’t like the ‘daily’ aspect of it (because I knew that I wouldn't be posted daily). None the less, I had pressure on my butt to think of a name and change it. Once I thought of thedianaedition, I took the name and confirmed that it was available on all social media... I would recommend for you to try to keep your username consistent across all social media platforms if you can. 

Starting a BlogBlog Platform

You also need to find a blog host and buy your website. Granted, you can use your website and have it end with or at the end of it, but that doesn’t seem as ‘put together’ IMO. This means that you have to pay for your website (annoying), but you also have to design it as well. I chose blogger because I didn’t even think too much about it but if I could go back, I would likely look into wordpress as I know that it’s quite popular and has more customization features. Then- the layout. This is what gave me the long delay between starting my insta and launching my blog… probably a solid 4 months. I tried designing the website myself.. please don’t do that if you love yourself, just buy a website design. I found mine on etsy, however pipdig is another popular one. Mine cost about $10 and it came with instructions for how to ‘install’ it onto my blogger platform. This was single handidly the biggest jump to finally start launching my blog. (confetti emojis all around!!)


This is something that I've been struggling with a lot but it's getting better! You have to write out ideas and topics, start creating the post, editing, shooting pictures, and figure out when to post it well in advance. If it's February 10th, it's a bit late to post something about what to wear for 

 Valentine's day. You want to give your readers enough time so that they can use your information and tips to their advantage. Doing something last minute only gives you a few days to create and edit the post as well as the photos which seems like enough time, until you have writers block, the weather isn't great for shooting or your camera dies.

My main point here?

Plan, plan, plan!


Starting a blog can be uncomfortable at first… and it still is for me. Who am I to write about organizational tips, the best beauty products and my workout routine? Who's gonna listen to me? What are my credentials about these topics? Learning about different strategies to grow, telling your family and friends, taking pictures in public, putting yourself out there for the world... it's all really strange but you have to trust your gut and remember why you decided to start. Fear took a huge role in delaying me starting my blog... probably a solid year of thinking about it before executing it! Think of the growth and things that I could have accomplished if I started a year earlier.

When you see people who have been on instagram for only a month or two and having 23x the amount of followers but only a quarter the amount of photos of you…. Although you’re aware that it’s not a contest, you can’t help to wonder what they’re doing differently than you. You've also likely heard about the insta algorithm, the follow/unfollow game and the ever so popular bots. These things can drive you insane "what is she doing?" you whisper to yourself as you see another few thousand followers casually pop up on her feed while you're struggling to reach 1000. 

My Thoughts?

Starting a Blog

Focus on your blog and social media, get better at taking pictures, editing and writing and the followers will come. Be consistent and realize that you might haveto spend some money; not a lot, but you do need to pay for a few basic things like your blog domain, props, software and potentially a camera. Look for support from other new bloggers, reach out to people and don't be afraid. Everyone started at one point, even the most successful instagrammers and bloggers started with the push of a button and followers in the single digits.

What do you guys think? What are your favourite and least favourite things about starting your own blog? Leave your thoughts below in the comments!


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