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How to Transition from Summer into Fall

How is it fall already?



I'm not a fan of this, the days, months and seasons pass by way to fast for my liking. Although I'm a fall baby (Libras where you at?) I really do enjoy summer, getting to walk outside and feel the heat of the sun warm up your skin, wearing sandals and dresses, ice cream and patios for days. This is the life. Although fall has a certain coziness to it, summer is where the fun is at!

Edit: This post was started in August when it was cold AF and now that it's mid September and we're getting sunshine and weather that feels like 31 degrees, this post might seem strange... and alas, (just like our weather this year) it is. 

In this blog post, here are some things that you can do to make your transition into fall a bit easier, things that you do already in the summer that are important to carry on into the colder months (even when it's not easy!). If you're interested, I also wrote one about how to update your life for spring (check it out). 

Continue to Stay Active

Before the weather gets freezing cold, make sure that you put on a few extra layers and some comfy boots and you'll still be good to enjoy walks outside. Hit up your local park or running trail and enjoy the crispness of the air, the colours of the leaves and the crunch of them under your boots. Try to keep going to the gym on a consistent basis so that once winter hits, you'll still be in the groove of going to the gym every week. If you have a membership to Goodlife, check out this post about the different workout classes that Goodlife offers and my reviews of them. I've tried out a bunch of them and still have so many more to do and discover!

Transition your Wardrobe, Skincare and Makeup

Now you'll be looking more into transition pieces, more layers, and darker colours. Before you officially pack everything away, see what you want to sell or donate so that you don't have the stuff laying around for 6 months only to donate it once the summer comes back around.

For skincare, look into thicker moisturizers and serums, different textures and products that'll give you more moisture as the cold air but dry indoors wreck havoc on your skin's moisture barrier. Introducing overnight masks like ones from Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask (I'm currently using and it's so good!) or doing sheet masks will help to keep your skin soft and supple. It's important to stay consistent with this as the dry air of the indoor heating and the cold wind from outside will wreak havoc on your skin as the months go by. The overnight moisturizer is great (LaNeige has some great options as well!) because I wake up with such soft and supply skin, but it doesn't feel like I have a film on my face, it sinks in like moisturizer but works double duty while you're sleeping to really moisturize your skin.

Makeup wise, get back into them red and burgundy lips! Matte darker colours work well but just be sure that you're lining your lips properly so that the colour doesn't bleed.

Anyone else become so aware of their own lips when they wear a really creamy dark/bright lipstick?

Other great options are bronzer and blush so that you look somewhat alive while your skin starts looking like the same colour as the snow.

Continuing Education 

This topic was one of the first posts that I ever posted and although I would like to say that my writing has gotten better (I can't confirm as I find it weird to reread things that I've published long ago)- the idea is still the same. It's important to work on your mind just as it's also important to look after your body. You can take an online course, a part time evening/weekend course or just go on youtube and read books about something that interests you; finance, cars, science etc. This is the time where you can pursue your passions as taking one course isn't as hard to balance as you think it might be with work/life/home.. it's all about priorities. It's also great for employers to see that you're doing things to further your skills, even if it isn't directly related to your job. They want to see that you're proactive with learning and it'll help to give you a leg up against other coworkers who are applying for the same job.

Change your meals

So seeing as I still live at home, my mom does most (i.e. 95% of the cooking at home) so full disclaimer, this is advice that I have to take! Look into the options for different cookbooks and meals and go to your local farmers market to cook with the fall fruits and vegetables to your benefit (Pumpkin! Squash! Apples!) and see what you can make with them. As the nights get chillier it's nice to have some warm stew in your tummy to heat you up (especially after a long walk!) and I've heard of a number of great cookbooks that you can use that aren't too hard to go through.

Fact: One of me #lifegoals is to cook through an entire cookbook and try every recipe.

Figure out your Finances

Now, as someone who works in finance I pretty much say this all the time to my friends, and yet, they still don't. None the less, that's not the reason that I'm writing this. In the blink of an eye people will be talking about Christmas and New Years and you know what? Das esspensiveeee. Start saving now for those expenses and you'll be happy that you started so early. A tip that I learned from a customer while I was working at a bakery in high school is to save all of your loonies and toonies. Whenever you pay with cash, any loonies or toonies that you get- STASH them away. By the time that Christmas comes around (I mean... Halloween will be here soon and then BOOM, Christmas jingles), you'll have way more money than you ever imagined. Note- this only works if you actually pay in cash and not with card so us millennials might have a problem with this tip.

There are a number of ways that you can figure out your finances, learning how to invest, opening up a TFSA/RRSP account, creating a budget, or even opening up your first credit card. You'll be glad that you started, even if it's just one step... it's one step closer to being financially fit.

If you're looking for other ways to save money, check out my post about the benefits of living at home!

Thanks for reading my thoughts about transitioning from summer to fall! What are you guys the most excited about for fall?

To answer the question that you're all thinking; yes, snuggling in bed with a warm cup of tea, pumpkin spice lattes, fall jackets and boots are all valid answers ;)
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