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Toronto's Elmwood Spa Review

There really is nothing quite like having some time to yourself or with friends at a spa where you can be pampered to the nines.  Today I'm talking about some of my favourite services at Elmwood Spa in Toronto- located in the heart of downtown on Elm St. It takes two glances to realize that there's a spa situated there, but once inside you would never know the hustle and bustle that awaits for you outside their large iron doors.

As I'll be visiting later this week, I figured that I would write about some of the services that I've had and my thoughts about them. Keep reading below to see what I recommend.

Elmwood Spa Toronto
Photo property of Elmwood Spa

To start the place is designed so well... multiple floors, each with their own designated area. You have the option to use the water therapies at Elmwood Spa which is a combination of a pool, sauna and hot tub. There's one on the third floor which is unisex, or there's a sauna and hot tub right in the change room if you wish for more privacy. Make sure you bring your bathing suit and have enough time before or after your services to enjoy the services! After finishing off your water therapy of choice, you can rinse off and use their shampoos, lotions and conditioners... all Moroccan Oil products no less. Even in the change rooms they have straighteners, curlers and blow dryers as well as multiple lotions and potions (unscented!) for you to use before you leave.


 This is the fanciest pedicure that I've ever received! The attention to detail was fantastic and I've never had such a long lasting pedicure- it lasted 5 weeks and it would have lasted longer if it wasn't for the grow out.  The chairs were super comfy (VIP style) and they had a wide range of CND nailpolish colours. Although much more expensive than a regular pedicure that you can get on any street corner, this one was nice to have as a treat every once in a while. 


Girlz and boyz, I'm all about a DIY facial at home, but nothing beats a professional one! I've had two facials and one mini facial and have had a wide range of results. My first facial was incredible; I was incredibly relaxed, the esthetician explained to me what she was doing and the products that were being used, and while I had some masks sitting on my face she massaged me after inquiring if I wanted a foot, hand or scalp massage. Major heart eyes.

My second facial was ok... the rep didn't tell me what she was doing to my skin and there were no massages. womp womp

The third facial was where it gets interesting. To start; it was a mini-facial, so only 30 mins long but not as thorough and they don't perform any extractions. However, I was getting my eyebrows tinted by the same rep, so while waiting for the eyebrow dye to sit, she did some extractions and I swear she was digging for gold in there because she went on an extraction frenzy.

Now, I don't mind extractions and a little bit of pain, but when I had tears streaming down my face, that's a bit intense. She didn't use the extractor tools, rather just her fingers and in hindsight I should have asked her to stop but I figured the same as many people figured.. she's the professional so she knows what she's doing.

My skin took a week to calm down from the inflammations sooooo I wasn't happy. However she was the first of the three estheticians to tell me that I had combination dehydrated and oily skin, not dry and dehydrated like I originally thought. As a result I changed up my skin care routine adding in a clay cleanser for oily skin and a toner and I definitely see positive results. If you're interested in seeing my original review about the clay cleanser/mask and toner, check out this post.

RMT Massage

This ladies and gents is where it gets good! A nice massage to relax your body and muscles... yes it feels ah-mazing but it's also great for your mental health (an hour of relaxation!); who can say no to that? If you're presented the option to use the royal room (only 4 of them in the spa) - Do it! It was $5 extra and it's like you're in a ski resort, all cuddled up inside by the fire while there's a snow storm outside.... there's a slight wood scent and they have a faux fire place too to make it feel very cozy and calming.

Something to note as well is that they have a loyalty program, go there four times in a year and you're a part of it- it's that easy! Perks of it include 10% off of all services as well as a coupon book and some goodies that you receive in the mail. Four times at Elmwood spa in one year? Yes please

What are your thoughts about Elmwood Spa? Have you been there before, what other spas are your favourites to frequent? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Loved the review! I love going to spas!
    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

    1. Spas are so enjoyable! Thanks for stopping by! :)