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Summer Beauty Essentials

Hi friends, thanks for coming to my blog! Now that we're in the middle end of summer and the weather has done a 180 compared to 6 months ago, we have to change our makeup hair and skincare to better suit the weather at hand.

Keep reading below for some things that you can change in your routine to better suit the weather.

EDIT- I feel so stupid writing about this in August and while Toronto has had zero sun and has been having nothing but rain, but alas. It is here and this is a learning lesson for me.

You knew that this was gonna pop up here- you can't talk about summer without SPF being mentioned. Now it's one thing to talk about it and another thing to actually use it. The one pictured here is one that I bought in Germany and haven't used up yet (as I had other sunscreens to use first) and it does what it says it will (stop me from burning to a crisp). I'm not a person who breaks out because of sunscreen, nor have I ever seen this 'white cast' that everyone talks about (white people problems), so any sunscreen works for me. However, if you have darker skin or think that regular sunscreen is too oily for your liking, I've heard that the Glossier Invisible Shield SPF is amazing as it's almost like a moisturizer or serum. Although I'm super interested in trying this one out, 1- it's always sold out, and 2- it's only SPF 35. #white

In order to make sure that you makeup doesn't slide of your face.. primer is needed. TBH with you, I 
don't use primer as I don't use foundation, however, if you're one of those people who sweats profusely on your face, it's totally worth it to have a great primer to help fill in your pores and fine lines while keeping your makeup on your skin, especially for long humid days.

BB cream
During the hot and sticky summer months, swap out your foundation for BB/CC cream which has coverage but feels much lighter on your skin is a great way to . It won't melt off like foundation will and you can find so many that provide SPF coverage. One of my favourites is the Aveeno BB Cream with SPF 30. Unfortunately, the lightest colour is still too dark for my skin in the summer so I'll switch between using that one or mixing SPF with my Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. From my understanding you used to be able to buy it with SPF, but now it's formulated without. What a shame.

Waterproof Mascara 
This will help to counteract all of the sweat that's pouring down your face (as well as any impromptu water fights or pool parties.) Now, I'm not a person who puts mascara on the bottom of their eyelashes as I find that it smudges too much, however a waterproof variation might help out with that. The one pictured above is the 

As I know that you're being diligent with your SPF (good job young grasshopper!) your skin might not have as much colour as you'd like. This is when bronzer comes into play. Now- I sometimes wear bronzer... but not often. I find that powdered bronzer makes me look really dull and powdery, maybe I just haven't tried out enough. However if you are all about that glow life, there are some really great drugstore and high end versions that will make you seem as if you just came off a plan from the South of France (but were actually binge watching Netflix all day long).

Setting Sprays
This is pretty much the same thing as setting sprays, however this can take a much broader range... something like rosewater mists or some of the Pixi mists can be used during the day to freshen up your makeup. Just spray it over your face and it'll help to give your makeup more life. Also, it feels incredible on your skin... I have dry skin that tends to feel a bit drier as the day passes by, so having a few sprays of this feels amazing. I can imagine that it'll feel incredible when it's super hot outside and you have the effects of the sun, heat, air conditioning, and sweat taking a toll on your skin. 

Do you guys have any suggestions for skin/makeup recommendations while it's 30+ degrees in the summer? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for popping by!

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