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August Beauty Hits and Misses

Good morning my beautiful angel friends. How is August already over? How? None the less, here are some beauty things that I bought and my thoughts on them. Can I just say that I never realized how many beauty items I buy on the regular until yet again I have another post about my latest beauty haul.

Becoming a blogger has most definitely affected this, as I need everything that I buy *cough cough* 

Keep reading below for what I bought and my thoughts on it!

The texture of this is very strange, almost like super fine sandpaper on your skin as the vitamin C is housed in spherical pockets to help keep it stable as there's no water in the product. If the rep at the store didn't tell me about the texture of it then I would have been concerned while applying it.

I wasn't 100% sure of how to add this in my skincare system, I knew that I should use it 2-3 times a week in the evenings and that it might cause some tingling when applied (I found it tingled if I used it more than the recommended amount). Did it replace my serum? Or did I use it before or after my serum? I'm still not sure what step it is but to be honest, I would try out different routines and I didn't find a difference depending on which step it was in my routine.

Results; After a few weeks of using it I do see a glow however not as much as I thought that it would. I recommend only using it a few times a week as every night started to irritate my skin and make it tingle. Beware if you have any open pimples on your skin.. that burns.  Would I buy this again? I'd likely venture out to other skincare products before coming back to this one.  

This moisturizer does what it should. It moisturizes and it does it well! The texture is thick and moussey while still being light in consistency.. almost like it's a whipped texture. Does that make sense? It's literally as simple and basic as it gets- in a good way. There really isn't too much more to write about as it moisturizes well and even hours later I don't have a problem with my skin feeling tight and dry. I will say that the size is a bit on the smaller side... more travel sized friendly but the Ordinary heard my thoughts as they've launched a larger size version of it!

Totally a hit- it's exactly what I was looking for and will be repurchasing it again. I wouldn't be surprised if it became a staple/holy grail in my skincare.

I needed a serum and this was on sale so I chucked it in my bag and checked out. Does it moisturize my skin? Yes. Does it reduce the size of my pores and hydrate my skin? I think so. Does it do anything more than that? No.

It has a strange smell to it while it's texture is light and liquidy that has a pink pearl sheen to it. The smell and look of it made me apprehensive to put it on but it does sink and quickly, however the smell does linger for a little bit which I'm not a fan of. It also gets used up quickly, which is good in this case because I don't like it, but if you are genuinely a fan of it then you'll have to get used to buying it frequently.

 Would I buy this or recommend it to anyone? Nope. Look elsewhere my friends, this one was a dud.

This was another product that I threw into my cart and bought on a whim along with the L'Oreal serum. This makeup melt cleanser is made to be put on your dry face without any water at the end of the day as an oil cleanser to remove your makeup before going in with a second cleanser to actually clean your face. I really enjoyed the texture of it, as thin as water, it didn't foam or strip my skin of moisture and it did a great job as an oil based cleanser. Just note, because it's so thin it's realll easy to spill it everywhere... take note my friends.

I will say that it does a great job of removing my makeup, but a second cleanse is most definitely needed as my skin didn't feel really clean afterwards. Even so, I didn't find that it removed all of my makeup, I still needed to use some coconut oil on my eyes (am I asking too much of a cleanser?)

Do I find it to be so good that I would need to own this cleanser and a second cleanser? No. I would rather just own one cleanser and use it twice, or use a baby wipe to take off the majority of my makeup before using a regular cleanser. 

If you're interested in some of my other beauty haul posts- Check out my haul from The Body Shop, this one posted in the spring and my very first skin care routine (posted without pictures because #beginner)

Have you guys tried out any of these products? What are your thoughts about them, or do you have any recommendations? 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you've enjoyed your summer as it's now time to welcome fall! Stay tuned for lots of fall related posts... back to school, fall wardrobe and beauty changes etc...

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