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What to do in Toronto this Summer

Hello my beautiful friends, thanks for coming to my blog!

Today, I'm talking about what you can do in Toronto this summer; places to go, things to do, and ways to enjoy the sunshine while we get it for a few months (if we ever get it... eye roll). Below are some options for things to do that fit a variety of budgets and interests.

Situated on the East side of the city, this beach has it all- a bike path, some places to eat, tons of clean sand, volleyball nets, and an outdoor pool (if swimming in Lake Ontario isn't your cup of tea). This is a place to grab a bunch of friends, pack up the cooler and head on down. Make sure to pack your SPF and lots of iced water though! There are always ice cream trucks around to grab a sweet cone to cool off with.

Last I heard, Centre Island will be opening up later this month after insane flooding, so be prepared to face some crowds. You can rent bikes, go to the beach, play volleyball, make a bbq, take the kids to centre ville and go on some rides. It's its own oasis that's a quick ferry ride away. 

I've gone to this only once before and I'm excited to go back! They have it about 6 nights a week and they have two different Shakespeare plays that they rotate between every night. It's pay what you can (recommended amount of $20) and WOW is it good. The play takes place outside so it's a great relaxed atmosphere as the sun sets while you're watching it. With it lasting all summer long (and almost every day) there really is no excuse to not see at least one play. Note- as the summer passes by it gets busier and busier so make sure to carve out some time for it instead of brushing it off and doing it another week.

Recommendations- Get there early and bring your cards and friends to hang out and chat with. As you'll be sitting on the grass, bring pillows and blankets so that it's more comfortable for you. Note, you can't drink alcohol but also note, they don't check what's in your steel water bottles. #justsaying

Music Festivals

With so many options for music festivals within the Toronto core, as well as a number of them in near by cities/towns and way more if you start looking into other provinces and down south in America, it's easy to find something that fits what you're looking for. You have one day options, camping options, electronic, country and pop festivals so it's impossible not to find one that fits your forte. Just pray that the weather is good and dress accordingly! Check out my Summer Music Festival Essentials post to see what you need to bring with you!

Picnics with your friends

High Park during Cherry Blossom Season

This is one of the cheaper options for the summer. Grab some buds, some food and some drinks, a blanket and you're good! Some parks to hit up include; High Park, Queens Park, Marie Curtis Park, Trinity Bellwoods and Woodbine beach. Whatever's closest to your neighbourhood- there are also tons of smaller parkettes that you can also grab a seat in. 

Lots of rain= my face during this picture

Wonderland used to be the BOMB when I was younger! I remember being in middle school and buying a season's pass and going with my friends on the regular.... Going on a weekday makes it so much more enjoyable as the lines are much smaller so you can squeeze in as many rides as possible. There's also a waterpark however I was never a big fan of it as I never wanted to pay for a locker (#studentbudget) and thus had to lug around a towel and extra clothes. I also remember the lines for the water slides being very long for a very short ride that was meh. I'm more of a thrill seeker, so hit me up with Drop Zone, Leviathan and Behemoth. 

GURLLLZZ (and boyz) I'm so excited for this! There are so many options with the one that I'm most looking forward to is the Thompson Hotel one. I've done yoga here and there but I do want to start practicing it on a regular basis. I find that my muscles are quite tight and that it does zen me out when I do it. Personally I do Body Flow at Goodlife which is a combo of tai chi, pilates, yoga and meditation all wrapped up into one hour. The idea of doing yoga outside seems so relaxing, one with nature and all that jazz. The above linked website will take you to svveat... a Toronto based website that focuses on free workouts around the city. There are so many options that I never knew existed until I found this website! 

Nothing says the end of summer like going to the Ex! (Cue the song.. let's go to Ex, oh baby!) You can go with a bunch of your friends and try out the artery clogging fried food, the incredibly expensive rides (added fear factor... you don't know if the ride will break or not), and you can also try your hand at gambling at the casino. If you're a student on summer holidays, the Exhibition is a great way to get a job before school starts.

Kensington Market Pedestrian Sundays

On the last Sunday of every month, the roads are closed off from cars and motorists and you can freely walk around and hang about this part of town. I never really went to Kensington Market however there are so many good spots to eat and shop at; Wanda's Pie in the SkyBunners (a gluten free, vegan bakery!), tons of independent coffee shops and little stores to jump in. They also have a Deciem store and great art work and graffiti to admire. This part of town is quirky in it's own little way so I'd recommend for you to grab a stroll with a friend.

What are some other things that you're excited to do this summer? Even though it's wrapping up, there's lots that you can still squeeze in before fall kicks in.

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. I can't wait to go to the ex! Since I live in Mississauga, this was a great post! We finally have wonderful weather so a picnic would be lovely, there are always so many things to do in Toronto in the summer I love this city. Your photos are gorgeous! xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days