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What to buy at Aritzia's Summer Sale

Hi everyone; I know what you might be thinking- I'm getting confused because everyone is talking about what to pick up at the Nordstrom sale, butttt Aritzia is also having a sale and here are some goodies that I'm planning on picking up!

With interiors like these, who could ever go wrong with stepping into Aritzia?
One of my favorite dresses (it's literally the dress that I wear in half of my insta pics.... so sue me) is a gray jersey dress by Wilfred Free. Stretchy, comfortable, not too short, breathable... it's my go to dress. It works with blazers, sandals, sneakers, flats... you name it, it works.

Disclaimer- it might seem as if I only wear the dress with my denim shirt tied at the waist.... to which I respond that I totally do lol. It looks cute and the whole Canadian Tuxedo thing, ya know?

Check it out below in the yellow... I'm thinking about getting it in the blue? Although I don't own a black dress... and the millennial pink version isn't too bad.... #decisionsdecisions  

Wilfred Free Chrissy $29.99

This is another dress that I picked up last night in light pink, the colour is great and works super well for spring, especially because my wardrobe mainly consists of neutrals. I love how the lower back is open (lets your back breathe with the hot and humid days that we haven't been getting ~eye roll emoji~) but you can cover it up with a blazer or shirt (potentially a denim one tied at the waist??). The little scoop on the bottom is also oh so cute but take warning- the dress is more on the sheer side so you better do a triple take of your under goodies to make sure that no colours are popping out!

Wilfred Free Seymour $50

I find that Aritzia is a great place for classic pieces, especially ones for work. Their blazers are top notch and sometimes Aritzia can get pricey but sale time is when to stock up on some stuff. See below for other pieces that I'm loving!

Wilfred Arbre Short $75

Wilfred Montagne Skirt $74.99

This skirt and these shorts are perfect for hot summer days!

Babaton Andreas Pant $82.50

Wilfred Halley Pant $67.50
Wilfred Montagne Skirt $74.99

These bottom pieces are perfect fall/transition pieces. The colour of the brown pants with the tie waist... the black trousers and the cream skirt (loving that flare on it!) are great options for corporate employees.

Community Rasa Bra Top $14.99

Wilfred Free Shannan Bra Top $14.99
Wilfred Free Valeria Top $32

Can you ever really have enough crop tops?? Ladies and gents, the summer sale might be on but it doesn't mean summer's over (I mean, has it even started in Toronto?)

I'm planning to go back this weekend to pick up some other goodies! Do you guys have your eyes on anything specific? 

Thanks for coming to my blog :)
3 comments on "What to buy at Aritzia's Summer Sale"
  1. I love all those flowy pants (they're been at the top of my list forever). And thank you for a post about anything other than the Nordstrom sale <3

    🍍 Pia

    1. Thanks for reading Pia! I agree, everyone was talking about the Nordstrom sale and I figured if I wasn't shopping there, no point in writing about it. Aren't the pants perfect?!! :)

  2. I've never heard of this brand before but the clothing is gorgeous! xx