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Summer Music Festival Essentials

 Hi my wonderful internet friends! As the summer gets hotter, the days longer, the layers get stripped off and the endless consumption of ice cream and iced coffee begins, that can only mean one thing- it's summer music festival season!

I love music festivals and have been going to at least one every summer for the past four years. As the years go by, more and more are popping up in and around Toronto; Digital Dreams (now called Dreams), Veld, Electric ElementsWayHome etc etc etc. personally, I've only been to Dreams (DD for the sake of this post) and Veld. After going a few times, I've learned a thing or two about essentials that you need to bring with you in order to enjoy yourself.

Don't we just love the weather and gray skies here?


You'll be in the sun all day long, dancing, sweating, eating, drinking, running from one tent to the other, finding your friends and sitting on the grass. Trust you me, you'll get burnt a lot faster than you think you will. Bring a tiny bottle of sunscreen to pop onto your nose/shoulders throughout the day to make sure that you don't become a fried egg. You can also buy the sunscreen sticks if you find that easier to apply (I've never tried them but they sound great and super user-friendly)

Reusable Water Bottle

Different festivals have different rules and regulations for water… Some places don't allow any bottles to be brought in, some places have free water etc etc. If you have the chance to bring a bottle then do it! I'm lucky enough that some of my friends have the camel back pack... it's a back pack that you fill up with water, and it has a tube that pops out by the shoulder so that you can drink the water quickly. Such a life saviour!

Chapstick, Hair Elastics & Tampons/Pads

It's one of those things that is so easy to forget, so make sure that you stash them in your bag. Even if you don't have your period, it's nice to be prepared when other women ask for some products; we've all been in that situation and it really is the worst. Because of all of the alcohol, greasy food, singing/talking and the sun, your lips will start to feel it asap, so make sure that you have an extra lip balm on hand. Because of the sun and sweat, you'll want to have the ability to put your hair up in a pineapple on your head. Don't worry, as the hours pass by everyones make up melts off and nowhere cares what you look like anymore!

Hand Sanitizer & Bandages

Things can get dirty really quickly, so it's nice to be able to feel a tad bit cleaner if you're in a gross situation. You can always buy some hand sanitizer wipes if the gel formula isn't your cup of tea. But trust you me, while you're eating food, these things are gonna save your life! With so much walking around and dancing, blisters might happen and if they do, you wanna be one prepared raver! Stash a few in your bag- it'll be so helpful if you need them!

Portable Phone Charger

This saved my life a few years back! #forevergrateful There are so many people within such a small vicinity that service can get bad really fast, the wifi keeps dropping in and out, you're trying to coordinate meeting with your friends but can't hear them over the music, pictures, shazamming a song that you like… your battery can go from 100 to zero real quick, so it's great to have something to back it up so that you don't have to worry about it. I have the Mophie charger which is a phone case that you put on your phone, so you don't have to deal with any cords or a separate charger from the phone.

Wrist Watch

It feels strange writing the words 'wrist watch' but in all honesty it is important to have. If you want to meet up with your friends, catch the next performer on the other side of the festival grounds, or figure out how long it's going to take to get through the crowd, a watch is much handier than a phone will ever be.

Festival Map and Phone App

You can pick up so many paper maps and you can download the app onto your phone. I highly recommend you doing both of these for a number of reasons. Firstly, it tells you where everything is physically located; washrooms, water, food stands, police and all of the music stages. It'll let you find the washrooms less used (always take the time to trek to those washrooms.... the other ones can be nastayyyyyy). If you have the app, you can select the artists that you want to see and you'll receive notifications on your phone 15 minutes before the artist goes on stage so that you have enough time to get there and squish yourself to the front of the stage. 

Check the Weather & Dress Appropriately

Boys and girls, make sure that you check the weather and wear appropriate clothing! Bring a sweater in your bag as it can get cold and rainy! Make sure you're wearing the proper footwear- no open toed shoes... this is not the time and place for your sandals, wear some running shoes that you don't mind getting dirty/stepped on.

What music festivals are you guys excited for, or which ones were your favourite that you've been too?

Thanks for stopping by!

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