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Canada 150

For Canada's 150th Birthday (Happy Birthday you young beaut!) here are some of the places that are on my Canadian Travel bucket list. Canada is such a big country so there are so many different places and things to see- from different natural wonders, the two oceans, big cities and even Quebec to practice our Fran├žais that we all studied in high school (but subsequently forgot!)

Read below for places that are on my Canadian hit list!

That Red and White (and some other colours) ;)

East Coast Canada

So I'm going to be completely transparent here... there isn't a lot of talk about travelling to the East of Canada... usually people travel to the West or through Ontario and Quebec... but yet again, that's just what I'm used to hearing. I do have friends that have gone out East and have mentioned how nice and laid back everyone else. I've heard that the beaches in PEI are as nice as the ones in Mexico (and it takes a day to drive across the entire island), the bay of Fundy is beautiful, and that the fish and sea food is so fresh and cheap out east, so that's something that I would indulge in; I'm a huge fan of fish!

Mont Tremblant/Whistler/Banff

After about 10 years of not going skiing, this past winter I went twice and have absolutely fallen back in love with it. As such, I really want to go skiing a lot this winter (even though it's currently summer I think about skiing wayyy too often). None the less, I am planning on going to Tremblant this coming up winter (and using my Aeroplan points to get me there yeee). With so many world-class ski locations in Canada, I'm planning to hit up all of them at some point.

Quebec City and Montreal

Although I've been to Montreal twice (one time was for a 5 week French program), I never popped on over to Quebec City... as European of a city that you can get while in North America. You can flex your French muscles, try out all the poutine and duck and use the ability to buy liquor from a convenience store to your advantage. 

Even though I've been to Montreal twice, I would love to go back again. You can drive there, take a plane or a bus and there's tons to do and eat. I love how it's another big city but there's such a big difference between Montreal and Toronto. The last time I went was for New Years with my sister and it was cold AF. Us Torontonians are such babies when it comes to the weather... but in all seriousness, -10 in Montreal is nottttt the same as -10 in Toronto.

Below are some of the pictures that I took while I was there!

The Mont Royal lookout
During my walk up to the look out

Tommy Cafe.... situated in Old Montreal and it has the cutest cafe vibes...  this is the one that you see all over IG with the white interiors and the hanging leafy greens from the ceiling!
Walking through the Old Town of Montreal


I've heard great things about Calgary, a coworker of mine used to live there and she speaks super highly about it. It's the sunniest city in Canada, the Calgary stampede is there annually and they are very outdoorsy people. I feel like I have to mention the cold though... it gets cold af... but that's ok, that's why summer exists, right ;)


I'm kinda jealous of Vancouverites to be honest with you; the fact that you have the ocean there, the mountains, the city... But yet again if you thought that the housing market in Toronto was tough, at least it's not Vancouver.

None the less, I really want to visit- shame that it's so expensive for a flight to Vancouver... or really anywhere in Canada.

What cities have you visited or plan to visit? Is there another hidden gym that you'd recommend for me to add to my list?

Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a safe and fun Canada Day long weekend!
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