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New In Beauty Haul

Hello beautiful people, welcome back to my blog!

I did a few beauty related posts and I found that I've had great success with them, so I figured that I would make this a regular installment on my blog; whenever I buy new products, I would showcase them together and let you know my thoughts about them.

I'm not a person who stays loyal to a brand or a specific product as there are so many options out on the market and with so many new releases, sales and brands being introduced, I find it hard to justify buying the same product over and over again; it has to really WOW me in order for me to repurchase it.

Read below to see what I bought!

Garnier Clean + Pore Purifying Clay Cleanser + Mask

I bought this face wash for a number of reasons, firstly, I got a facial at Elmwood Spa (my third one) and this was the first time that I had a conversation with the esthetician about my skin and beauty regime. I always thought that I had dry skin, but it turns out that my skin isn't dry, rather dehydrated. Because of my clogged pores, it turns out that I had combination skin with an oily T-Zone. None the less, I bought this face wash because it was made for oily/combination skin and WOW what a difference it's made. It makes my skin feel fresh after using it as a face wash and when I use it as a mask (literally just keep it on for 10 mins until it dries) I find that it really helps calm down my skin. Once rinsed off it feels refreshing, kinda like your mouth feels after you brush, floss and use mouthwash.

Although I mentioned that I'm not a person who stays loyal to a product/brand, this is a product that I would 100% rebuy. I've never used a cleanser that's given me results  like this one, usually I find that cleansers make my skin feel dry. At it's price point (about $7) and the fact that it's a 2-for-1…. Steal!

L'Oreal Sublime Soft Soothing Gel-Cream Wash

This product is made for dry/dehydrated skin (so I bought this before I bought my Garnier one) and honestly I find that it smells really soapy/detergent like, and it dries my skin out. I find the smell and the type of product surprising see as this one is said to be made without any additional fragrances or perfumes. I use this one randomly just so that I can use it up but I feel as if it strips my skin of it's moisture so I'm not a huge fan of it. I don't think that I've never not liked a face wash as much as this one. 

L'Oreal Hydra-Total 5 Toner

I recently just started using toner regularly in my routine so I'm not sure if I can really comment on how good/bad this one is as it's only the second one that I've ever used (the first one being the Pixi Glow Tonic).  I will say that it does help to hydrate my skin, and my pores aren’t as clogged up since I started using it, but yet again it could be a combination of things as I've changed up a few aspects of my skin care routine.

The next toner that's on my list to buy would be the Deciem toner- it's said to be a stronger (and much cheaper!) variation of the Pixi Glow Tonic which I'm excited to try out!

A few days ago I was watching Chriselle Lim on Youtube and she recommended that instead of putting toner on a cotton pad and rubbing your face with it, to put the toner directly on your hands and press it into your skin... much like an essence. I've starting doing that and I do think that I prefer this method. Have do you put your toner on; cotton pad or directly on your skin? 

The Ordinary Squalene Serum

I've heard so many great things about Deciem/The Ordinary, so when I saw their Queen St. store, I just had to pop in. I knew that they had good prices but DAMN GIRL-  the serum only cost me $9!! The serum is 100% plant derived squalene... nothing else, literally just squalene in the bottle. What's squalene you ask? Honestly I didn't really know much about it either, but it's a Korean beauty product that's really good for hydration and occurs naturally in our skin. What I do know is that this product works really well, the price is right and the packaging is cute af. 

 I would love to go back to The Ordinary to see their other options for serums. At first I was debating between this one and the rosehip oil option, but the (very nice) rep at the store said that if you use serum every morning and night, the squalene option sinks in to your skin faster. 

I'm very happy with this purchase, and am glad that it's so cheap because I'm using it up so quickly!

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Fair

I ran out of my usual concealer (Bare Minerals) and was planning to buy the Nars concealer ( I wasn't sure if I wanted the creamy concealer or the new pot concealer) but I knew that Maybelline's concealer was a drugstore dupe. I found it on sale for about $6, grabbed the lightest one and was sold right away. I love how easy this is to apply, how it looks on my skin and how cheap it was. 

It's great for quick touch ups on the go and I find that the product doesn't look super cakey. It's medium coverage and you can easily build it up on your skin for more coverage.

The concealer has a black stripe on the tub and that rubs of SO easily (you can see it in the photo!). I literally touched it and had the black smear off onto my skin. FYI because I accidentally got some on my chin and walked around like that for a bit before realizing.

Essie Topless and BareFoot Nailpolish

My sister asked me what the best nailpolish colours were and I told her that one of Essie's most popular ones is this pinky/nude colour. Low and behold- the next day it was on sale at Shoppers. Coincidence? Fate? You decide.

Such a classic colour, easy to apply, not streaky and works on so many skin colours.

Crest 3DWhite Brilliance Toothpaste

Ok so this is a bit random as it's toothpaste, but I love Crest Whitestrips! They make such a huge difference in the whiteness of your teeth and it really is a big confidence boost. You think that your teeth are fine until you try them out and then you realize how yellow they were!

None the less, I saw the toothpaste at No Frills for 50% off, so I decided to give it a go. You wash with the first toothpaste for a minute, and then you add on the whitening gel and continue washing for another minute. 

I can't say whether or not the toothpaste alone has made a big difference in the whiteness of my teeth, but I can say that I'm always pleasantly shocked with how clean my teeth feel once I do the two steps. 

Not sure 100% if I would re buy this, doing the two steps can be annoying, but once you do it you realize how amazing your teeth feel.

This is where I spent my money these past few weeks- what are your thoughts, do you have any of these products or have you thought about buying them?

Thanks for reading! :)

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