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A Quick Getaway to Playa del Carmen, Mexico


Hi everyone, thanks for coming to my blog! As you might have guessed from the title, this post is about my trip to Mexico!! I was in Playa del Carmen (close to Cancun) for 5 days for the Family Day Long Weekend, and for my first time in Mexico, I loved it! The beaches, the food, going ATV-ing, swimming in a cenote, and going into town for a night. See below for what shenanigans I got to!

To start, I stayed at the Platinum Princess Yucatan Resort- adults only, where the drinks flowed and the lack of crying babies was music to my ears. Hahah, just kidding? (Nope, I'm not)

By having access to this one resort, you also gain access to two other sister resorts, however I didn't venture to them because I was more than content with where I was. If my vacation was longer than I would have wandered to the other resorts to see what they had to offer as well. 

Upon arrival, my room was upgraded (WIN!) and I was handed a fresh and fruity welcome drink; off to a great start!

Once I settled int my room, I went on over to the beach so that I could feel the warm sun on my skin (for the first time in months.. thanks Canada) and so that I could potentially get a little bit of a tan. The resort has huts that you can sit under to shade yourself from the sun, and if you walk a few dozen meters away from the beach bar (obviously the tourist hot spot!), you can find a very secluded area with few people and lots of huts that's slightly hidden from the beach. It may or not be a perfect place for you to tan topless...

Awkward arm

I will say however that the resort isn't the greatest is you want to do a lot of swimming. There are a lot of rocks in the water and algae that washes up on shore, so you'd have to walk further down the beach, past quite a number of resorts to find a nice area that's good for swimming. As a result, I didn't do a lot of swimming, but I didn't really mind that much. 

The atmosphere of the resort was very tranquil, mainly couples with very few (if any) friend groups and the average age being 35+, so don't expect any crazy partys. That would be at one of the resorts further down the strip where they had foam parties and congo lines non stop haha. The drinks flowed easily, the service was great, having a server on the beach was super clutch and there was always more than enough food to enjoy. 

Fun fact- A kilo of avocados in Mexico costs $1. One! For a kilo! Insanity!

You could bet your hard earned dollar that nachos and guac were my food of choice during my trip!

Although I didn't watch the nightly shows, they did have two shows a night and one night they swapped out a show for a casino where you could play poker against other people at the resort.

For an adventure, I decided to do an ATV Jungle Buggy Tour and it was fantastic! You could either rent one ATV for just yourself or you could get it for about $50 cheaper if you split it with someone (which is what I did). You get a bandana and goggles because it’s dusty AF. It was literally the only day where I wore all black and the worst day for me to do it! You drive (up to about a maximum of 70 KM/hour) through the jungle which gets more and more ‘jungle like’ with time as the roads get dustier and smaller. 

You end up in a small area where you park your ATV and then you do a quick walk through the woods until you get to the clearest water cenote that you’ll ever see. A cenote is a hole/cave that was made when that giant asteroid hit the world (yes that asteroid that killed all the dinosaurs) and then the debris that flew back in the air. As it landed, it created these holes that were filled with fresh underground water and that's constantly moving and flowing so that the water never gets dirty. The Mayans saw the cenote as a sacred place and would sacrifice themselves to the Gods. Afterwards, we walked into a very small cave and sat down in complete darkness and silence for a minute. The tourguide asked us to think about things that bring us happiness during that minute and it was a really nice thing to do (if you're not claustrophobic). 

The cenote and the cave are incredible and words can’t describe it until you see it. 11/10, would totally do again. 

The hotel is a short taxi ride from town, so one night I hopped on over and found a bar that was legit one of the best (if not the best!) bar that I’ve ever been to. I believe that the name is El Diabilito, but I’m not 100% sure and I’ve tried to search for it but I can’t find it which is a shame. Their gin and tonics had an additional block of ice in it with three frozen grapes, however the ice was infused with real lemon juice so as it melted, the lemon flavour really started to unfold and the beginning of the drink tasted completely different then when you finished the drink (in a good way!). The music was really good deep house, the service was attentive and even though I had the opportunity to go to another bar or club in town, I was digging this place so hard that I decided to stay for the rest of the night. Before catching a cab I did a walk around town and there are tons of tourists walking around and going between bars, restaurants and clubs. If you go during the day, there are tons of stores to go to.. H&M, Sephora, Swatch etc etc.The town has a lot of beach clubs during the day so you can party, drink, shop, eat and go out afterwards. 

Sounds like a plan!

Being in Mexico for only 5 days (two of those days were spent travelling to/from Mexico) so in reality, I only had 3 full days, and going ATV-ing was half a day, I found it hard to justify going to Chichen Itza (or any other Mayan ruin) because I wanted to relax on the beach and eat and drink to my hearts content (sue me, I'm one of those people). I don't regret my decision for not going, however I would love to do another full week in Mexico where I could spend a whole day going to the ruins including Chichen Itza (the world heritage site that's one of the seven wonders of the world!), Coba, where you can actually climb the pyramid and rent a bike to drive around the site, as well as Tulum which is smaller on size, but located on the beach where you can go swimming. 

I will most definitely be returning back to Mexico sometime in the (hopefully near) future to see what else this country has to offer. 
Thanks for reading, feel free to let me know if you have any recommendations for future places to see or things to do!


Hasta la proxima Mexico! 
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  1. It seems like you had a great time! I'm from Mexico, but I've never been to Playa del Carmen, is on my bucket list though! Thanks for sharing, loved the pictures :)

    Kisses | Live. Laugh. Love. & Make Up

    1. If you have the chance, you should check it out! Thanks for reading :)

  2. It's beautiful!!

    1. Yes indeed! If you have the chance to go then you should! Thanks for reading :)

  3. Looks like you had a great time! I have never been to Mexico. Think I need to put this place on my to visit list. thanks for sharing!
    xo Yvonne

    1. So many places to visit and things to do, it's hard to choose just one place! Thanks for reading :)

  4. The underwater cave is so pretty. Did I get that right, is that what it is?

    1. Yes correct! The water is so crisp and clean, so when you wear goggles and look down it's an incredible sight! Thanks for coming to my blog :)

  5. Replies
    1. Yes it was wonderful!! Thanks for reading :)

  6. Amazing trip.. Looks so good wanna come with you next time :D
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    1. YES! We'll do a big trip, everyone's invited! teehehe thanks for reading :)

  7. The cave looks amazing lovely! I'd love to go to Mexico, Cozumel is definitely high up on my wishlist atm too.

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  8. ah so jealous seems like you had a fab time!

  9. I definitely dream about going to this party place again. The live music at San Francisco event venues was an added bonus, providing a backdrop for the fun hours spent imbibing, tasting, and chatting up with the breweries and beer distributors.