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30 Facts About Me

Hi everyone, thanks for coming to my blog!

 I figure that a few of you have read my posts and follow my Instagram and although you know a little bit about me, who am I really? So I figured that I would give you 30 facts so that you can get to know me better. And can I just say, 30 facts is a lot to think of about yourself. By the time 20 came around I was scrambling for ideas! 

1-    You pronounce my name Dee-Anna but spell it Diana. The confusion is real

2-    I’m full Serbian, 1st generation Canadian

3-    Born and raised Torontonian

4-    I speak 4 languages (Serbian, English, French and German) and am currently learning my 5th (Spanish)

5-    I studied at the University of Toronto (St. George campus) and majored in history (mainly European) and minored in French and German

6-    I worked at a bakery since I was 14 and continued working there on weekends after I started my full time job at the bank

7-    I’m 5’9 and one of the few Serbians who has strawberry blonde hair

8-    I enjoy going to the gym and usually go between 1-3x a week
8.a.     My favourite workout is body combat, but I also do the occasional body pump or yoga

9-    I have an older sister who lives in Boston and is finishing up her Graduate degree in Optometry
9.a.     She’s only 18 months older and yes we are the same size and share our clothes and shoes #twinning

10- I love adventure and don’t mind spending money on fun stuff. ATVing, edge walk, skiing, front rides on rollercoasters… I love it all

11- I love reading, specifically non fiction books. One of my favourite books is the autobiography “Open” by the tennis great Andre Agassi

12- I’m a morning person and I love getting up before the rest of the world. Granted, always getting 8 hours of sleep helps. I guess I got used to it because of the early mornings that I endured while working at the bakery

13- I don’t like beer (although I do occasionally try it so that I can expand my palette)

14- I’m a huge tea drinker, originally starting off with just chamomile tea, but now I try out all different kinds (although I’m not a fan of fruit teas)

15-I love drinking cappuccinos and lattes, and I’m currently addicted to flat whites

16- I don’t like tomatoes

17-I don’t like when the yolk in my eggs is runny

18- Some people would say that my style is boring; I prefer to use the words simple and classic

19-I can’t play any instruments

20- Insta stories over snapchat allday errday

21-My favourite stores include Club Monaco, French Connection and Winners, but if I had to pick one, it would be Winners

22- My favourite music is house/electronic, and I love going to summer music festivals and concerts

23-I talk really fast and used to mumble a lot (I still do when I get excited or nervous!)

24- I’m brutally honest (sorry not sorry), some would call it heartless

25-I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with dogs? (Proving my point above lol)

26-I can talk your ears off

27-I don’t have any pets however I wouldn’t mind getting a cat J

28- My feet have the highest arches you’ll ever see in your life

29-I only have my ears pierced and don’t have any plans for any additional piercings or tattoos and have never died my hair (or want to atm)

30-My goal in life is to own a home where I can tan outside naked without anyone seeing me
a.     I hate tan lines

Anddd there we have, some facts about me! 
Do we share any similarities or differences? Let me what your thoughts are or if you have any questions, I'll be more than happy to answer!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Thanks again for reading J
2 comments on "30 Facts About Me"
  1. Literally these are my favourite types of posts! Wrote one like that about me just last week, first time ever:)