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Treat Yo' Self


You work 8 hours a day at work, deal with life, bills, nagging spouses, parents and friends, appointments and gym sessions, so after ‘adulting’ all day, you just want to go to bed at the end of the night, so when do you have time to do something for yourself and relax?
Everyone has 24 hours in the day, (yes, even Beyoncé), so it’s not a matter of making time, it’s a matter of prioritizing your time so that you can do what makes you happy and relaxes you. 

Whenever you feel guilty about the time that you have to yourself, remember;

An empty vessel can’t serve others.

Taking the time to relax and rejuvenate will not only benefit yourself, but also those around you and your career and hobbies.
There are many ways that you can unwind, ranging from very affordable to quite expensive. Whichever one it is that you decide to do, the important aspect is that you take the time to do what you enjoy.

·       If I didn’t say “spa” within this post, it wouldn’t be a real “Treat Yo’ Self” post, would it? You can obviously do this at home or go somewhere and have treatments done to you. Personally, I like doing anything that moisturizes my skin and hair- which means, give me all the coconut oil you have!! I love putting it in my hair and either sleeping with it or putting it in and then going to the gym. YUP- I do that.

If that's not your cup of tea, get your nails done, a massage, a facial or a haircut. It's totally ok to splurge on these services too, if that's what gives you the most enjoyment. 

Or, you can always do at home versions of everything that you do at the salon (except maybe a hair cut) while using natural products or cheaper drug store finds. It helps that you don't have to leave your house either! 

Now that I've experienced a soaker tub in my hotel room... It's a
necessity in my future place

·       Draw up a hot bath (heat level- inferno) and sit your ass down in it. I know that people love the lush bath bombs (which I’ve never used) but my only question it, “who washes the bathtub once you’re done?” Like… does it stain the tub? None the less, plop some coco oil in your hair, run a bath, sit and simmer for 45 minutes or until golden brown.

Once you take care of how you physically look, it’ll start to show with your confidence and your personality, but treating yourself can also come in different forms, not just aesthetically.

·       Take the time to read a book or a magazine while enjoying some tea or coffee and a treat on the side. This can either be at home, or go find a coffee shop that you like, heck make it an alcoholic drink and watch some Harry Potter.. I won’t judge. It's nice to lose yourself in something and take your mind off of life because you’re so interested in the book or movie in front of you.

Give back to your community and volunteer or do something nice for a stranger. Something as small as giving change to a homeless person or buying them food, paying for your friend's coffee or donating blood. I gave blood on a whim a few months ago and I was shocked with how much it boosted my mood for a few days and how it lasted for multiple days.  I had a pep in my step and I’ve been meaning to go back but alas, (like I said before) I have to make it a priority in my life.

So this is from a restaurant buttttt nothing's saying that you can't use it as
 inspiration to try to make it yourself at home 

        Find a recipe that you've been meaning to try out and then gather all of the ingredients that you need for it. When you go shopping, indulge in the more organic and healthy variations of the food that you're buying. Nourish yourself and enjoy the fact that you've made something from scratch and make enough so that you can share or so that you can create enough for multiple meals in the future. Even going out to a restaurant and eating by yourself is something you can do. I know a lot of people would be uncomfortable with it, but if you're not then you can choose where you want to go without worrying about what your friends want. 

      Download some new music and clean up your home! Open up the windows, change your sheets, purge and donate whatever you don't need anymore, do a little bit of reorganization so that you have a fresh atmosphere. Even a bouquet of flowers or a quick reposition of your furniture can change your perspective and mood. I've been meaning to change up my room for a few weeks now, here's to hoping that I can follow my own advice and act on it!

Whatever it may be that you decide to do, make sure that you set aside time and do it consistently so that you don’t burn out! You can do small things every day like enjoying a coffee with a book or watching a show that you like, on the weekends when you have more time you can take a few hours for yourself. It's crazy what time alone can do for your perspective and your stress levels.

What are your thoughts? What do you like to do to relax and recharge?

4 comments on "Treat Yo' Self"
  1. I love taking baths but the water drains way too fast. The Lush bath bombs are to die for. I've never had a problem with them.

  2. Treating yourself is so important especially when you're life is full of stress