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Blue Mountain

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Blue Mountain

What to do when you want to go skiing but Banff and Whistler will break the bank and the commute is a bit on the longer side? You grab your car, pack it up with your warmest socks and wooliest long johns and drive up to Blue Mountain. 

The Big Blue is it's own small ski town, like an Aspen or a Turin (not that I would know... not yet at least, those are my future plans), situated two hours north of Toronto, right next to Collingwood. Once you exit the major highway and start driving North, the roads get more and more serene as you approach the resort. 

Only two hours away and yet I felt like I went around the world where no emails, bills, complaints or stress could touch me.

The Blue has a number of hotels (slope side!) that you can choose from, with the prices and amenities changing depending on which one you choose. Being able to wake up and walk to the ski lifts was super clutch and now the idea of walking more than 100 meters or having to drive to go to the mountain seems like death. Just kidding, but forreal, it is super awesome. Just note that the prices spike for specific dates/times like when kids are out for Christmas and March Break. 

I decided on going in the second weekend of December, which is quite early in the season. The reason I chose that week was mainly because the price of the hotel was much cheaper. As luck would have it, there was fresh snow (which never happens before January for us!) and night skiing opened up the day before my arrival. #winning

Recommendation-  Wake up earlier and get on the mountain by 10 am when it's quieter. This will allow you to ski for a few hours, return back to your room and relax for an hour or two (and eat!) and then hit the slopes for round two of skiing. 

#protip I- Bring some protein bars and clementines with you while on the slopes, the clementines give you a hit of sugar and help to hydrate you, while the protein bar will help to keep hunger at bay if you start getting hungry but don't want to take a break from skiing yet. Keep Gatorade with you in your room for when you trek back from skiing with your 37 layers and clunky ski boots, it tastes like the laughter of a baby angel when it passes your lips. Seriously though, it's so enjoyable when you chug it down once you get back from skiing. 

After a long day of skiing with a few falls (when I say few I actually mean two dozen wipe outs, but who's counting, right??), it's time to relax you muscles with some of their hot tubs. They have both indoor and outdoor hot tubs, but obviously the outdoor ones are where it's at. It's only a few meters from the hotel so if you run fast you won't feel the cold at all. Obviously at night it gets quite busy and although 'no alcohol on premises' you know that everyone was (not so subtly) drinking their wine and beer while unwinding. The hot tubs were seriously so needed because I was sore AF. 

If skiing or snowboarding aren't for you, you can always rent some snowshoes and go snowshoeing, or skate on the pond that they have in the village. If that's not your cup of tea either, there are plenty of spas in the village, or you can always go to the gym, or use the hut tubs, pool, and sauna within the hotel. 

One thing that I didn't get a chance to do is go to the Scandinave Spa which people absolutly adore. You can either book a massage (which is impossible to do in December as everyone is trying to use their benefits!), or a cheaper alternative is the outdoor water therapies where you rotate between hot and cold showers, hot tubs and pools in order to boost your circulation. Even so, in the winter months you have to put yourself on a waitlist many times and it's not as if you're going to go in the middle of the day while you're skiing.

#protip II - Blue Mountain is situated next to Collingwood which is a small town that's only about a 10 min drive from the resort. If you don't have a kitchen in your room (totally possible, like it was for me) then it's worth it to go into town as there are only a few places to eat in the village, and they're 'meh' at best and quite pricey and busy. Although never fear, there is a Starbucks for your morning caffeine fix (or a flat white, can I get a 'ye ye'?) and a Pita Pit where you can grab some quick grub. 

Places to eat in Collingwood include the Tremont CafĂ© which was to die for. Honestly, the interiors were just straight up incredible. Marble tables, exposed brick, natural lighting, and they have an open kitchen, which is always very respectable. Interiors aside, their food was so good! I went for the Huevos Rancheros and am so glad that I did because I tend to go for sweeter breakfast foods like pancakes and waffles. I was slightly disappointed that they had only a limited amount of sweeter breakfast foods so I resorted to Huevos Rancheros and now I'm hooked. As you can see, I took a bite before the picture was taken but, can you blame me??

                                  I've already booked my next trip and am so excited to tear up some fresh powder.            

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